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Rexona Run 2011 (Un)official Pacer Group

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We understand that most participants go into a road race with a particular finish time in mind. Achieving the desired PR is mostly about pacing, especially in longer races like half and full marathons. With that, FFS suggested that we create 2 pace groups in the Rexona Run 2011 in order to help other runners achieve their finish time

Our group will help other runners finish the race in: (a) 2 hours, and (b) 2 hours and 30 minutes. We will set the pace so runners don't start out too fast or slow down in the middle. We intend to keep you on track to hit the desired finish time. We will also provide advice and encouragement, if necessary. Alpha1 Team will don a sign (on our backs) that shows the goal time

To run the average pace to hit the goal time. It is not to beat that time. We do not intend to "bank" time early on in hopes that you’ll not lose that much when you tire especially in the last remaining kilometers. We must always be reminded that if we go out too fast we will gain seconds but lose minutes in the end. We will employ a 2% margin of error. We will consider ourselves a failure if we go beyond the goal time or if we are too early even by a minute. Intention is for you to finish strong and wear the biggest smile while crossing the finish line

Pace Group Etiquette
When running as part of a pace group, there are certain etiquette standards. Like all group situations, the dynamic of the running group will vary from one race to the next

Some groups may talk throughout the race, while others stay quiet. We will avoid too much chatting or offering advice if others are staying silent. We understand that some people get distracted when talked to while others enjoy it. We are also aware that some runners only want chatter early on and want silent focus later in the race (or vice versa)

In addition, please do not run in-front of the pace group leader and co-leader.  If you want to lead the group, we recommend that you leave the pack.  We are not here to race with one another but to give a hand especially to those aiming to beat their personal best.  Also, we will appreciate if you will give the pace group leaders elbow space

We will not carry extra fluids and nutrition for you. We can, if needed, fight through the water stops to get fluids (and bananas) for you in order to keep the overall pace of the group steady. And please throw your water cups and banana peels to trash bins. Lets help keep the race route clean

Running Together
We can/will allow running side by side as long as it will not hamper other faster runners along the route. The pace group will be running in pairs (most of the time) so we do suggest for you to tuck behind. We will offer feedback about our current pace from time to time but will avoid providing it every kilometer marker

How To Spot Us?

Alpha1 Team is not in any way affiliated with RunRio or Rexona Philippines. We are not recognized as official pacers of the Rexona Adventure Run 2011. We are doing this to help the running community. Even after the fact, we are committed to do our very best to cross the finish line within the advised time

(pacer image courtesy of shannonssummations)



This is a great idea you guys have tasked yourselves to do for this Sunday's event. Hmmm, should I follow the 2:30 group? hehe

RunningAtom said...

Woww.. this is great Daves. Sana ikalat nyo din ang Alpha 1 Pacer sa Runfest :D

Daves said...

@rfb, see you on sunday :)
@ra, hindi namin naidamay ung runfest :(

Anonymous said...

Daves, kaya naten to. hehe!


Go-To Runner said...

Very nice of you guys to be Pacers. I'll join to 2:30 group tomorrow.

Daves said...

regie, see yah tomorrow :)

Roland Pangilinan said...

this is nice Daves!

Daves said...

rolly, next time sama ka sa amin :) said...

very approchable yung mga pacer ...lalo na si Coyote (pacer 2:30) thanks a lot

Daves said...

@waverider, your welcome! hope to be able to serve as pacers again ... soon :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to coyote and armbanded of Team 2:30

Daves said...

^hoping that you were able to set a new PR :)

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