Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RunRio Timing Card

I was able to attend the public launch of RunRio's Timing Card at BGC. There's tons of great things we can look forward to (see below) from this small card. What I like the most is that all card bearers will be listed in Rio's Philippine Ranking. This will show how you fare against the other runners. For me, this will serve as a motivation to train even harder to improve my time and in effect, my ranking

Main Features
- Records and helps you track your performance during races
- Re-usable timing card for all RunRio races
- Helps you compare your time against other runners
- Helps you determine your level or category among the race participants

Additional Benefits
- Discounts in selected outlets once you present your RunRio Timing Card (TBA)
- Can earn premium items and prizes because of the Rewards Points/Loyalty Program (TBA)
- Priority on Unilab Run United 2 on August 21
- Cardholders have 1 week priority lanes in all RunRio registration sites

How to get the RunRio Timing Card
- It will be given for FREE once you registered at the Rexona Run
- After the Rexona Run & Unilab Run United 2, cards will be available in all our on-site registration with a selling price of PHP300 (RunRio got 'em at PHP1,500)

How to use the RunRio Timing Card
- Onsite Registration. Just present your card to RunRio personnel and say your preferred race category and singlet size. Personnel will update it then you are registered
- Online Registration. No need to fill up all the fields required, just write your RunRio Card number on the "card number" field and all your information will be reflected. Then click on which race category and singlet size you desire. Click Submit and wait for your race kits at the delivery address submitted
- On Race Day. Bring your card and place it on your running shoes

- The runner shall be liable to RunRio Inc for the amount of PHP300 once RunRio Timing Card is lost or runner applied for the 2nd card

Car Expiry and Issuance
- Unless earlier terminated or cancelled, the card can be used repeatedly in a span of 1 year after issuance unless card is lost, broken or stolen
- Reissuance of the card will be at the sole discretion of RunRio Inc
- For any claim arising out of the performance, non-performance, defect in the card or function, RunRio Inc, will replace the card on condition that the runner did not use the card in one of the races and will return the defect, non-performance card to RunRio personnel

How To Attach Using Twist Ties?

How To Attach Using Laces?
The tag must be worn tied into your shoe laces
Thread laces through the top two holes only
Tighten the lace to hold the tag in place
Tie the lace and get ready to run

You may also want to check out the instructional video I posted earlier

Here's the AVP that was shown during the public launch

(video courtesy of kulitrunner)


carlos flores said...

this timing device sucks. i ran in the rexona 21k last july 24 and i attached this kind of timing chip as instructed. to my disappointment, only my 7th and13th k were recorded but my finish time was not. i distinctly remember stomping on the electronic pad at the finish line and was properly handed a finisher's medal and kit.

Daves said...

its a new innovation so such errors are bound to happen. we hope that this will be rectified soon and we will be able to get accurate times on Run United 2 :)

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