Saturday, July 9, 2011

Somnio NADA Spotted!

Was pleasantly surprised when I saw Somnio Nada on a local store at Robinson's Ermita this morning.  Couldn't believe at first, I even had to go inside the shop to make sure that I am not dreaming at all

My first impression is that the shoe is very very light (less than 4oz according to its website).  It was light as a feather.  Second impression, the material they've used for the upper is wafer-like thin.  So thin that it scares me if it can hold my wide feet together

My third observation is the price.  This is currently being retailed at $80 overseas.  This pair is demanding to shell out PHP5,900.  That killed the moment.  I am not sure why I have to sell my kidneys just to get one.  A bit overpriced in my opinion

Now if you want a padded, cushioned, stabilizing running shoe from Somnio, it will set you back from PHP6,000 to PHP9,000.  I guess that's what you pay for a customizable shoes

By the way, NADA is short for No Anterior Drop Applied which means "Nothing" in Spanish


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