Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mizuno Wave Universe 4 Spotted!

"No way!", thats what I blurted out when I saw the text message from FFS. He just saw the Wave Universe at Mizuno BGC. I guess lady luck was on my side because I was still at the parking lot, about to leave, of Bonifacio High Street. Immediately turned the engine off and rushed my way to the store

I've been looking forward for Mizuno Philippines to bring in the Wave Universe since last year. Been checking different branches but no Universe 3 was seen. I got tired of waiting for a pair to arrive in this neck of the woods.  I even entertained the thought of getting one at Singapore or just buy myself a pair thru Amazon

Which is why I find it difficult to resist not to check it out when FFS said it is already available.  Though I didn't really expect it to be the latest version of the Universe since it just got out last month

And this is what I saw.  The Mizuno Wave Universe 4!

The Ronin and Musha tips the scale at 7oz while Mizuno's latest offering is less than 4oz. They were able to keep the tradition of keeping it very very light.  Another good news is, it is being sold at PHP5995.  Not much markup, if you'd ask me, considering that a pair retails for $119

And if you don't like the color combination, there's always Wave Musha 3

Before I forgot, the heel-toe drop is a measly 3mm. Just 1mm higher compared to Wave Universe 3.  Not a zero-drop as I wished for but still a lot better. I looked forward on owning one but with my recent injury caused by a new pair, I'd probably think twice and not be taken blindly by rave reviews


Anonymous said...

Really really like this shoes, but my pocket won't allow me to buy yet :) Hopefully next year. Going to buy Brooks green silence first since i got 15% off :)

Daves said...

skip the brooks and get this one instead :P

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