Monday, August 1, 2011

New Balance Minimus 20 Series

Was pleasantly surprised when I saw a new product line of the Minimus collection.  I initially thought that this was the zero-drop series that I've been waiting for.  Turned out that this is an updated version from the Minimus 10 series.

What's the difference?  You will immediately notice that the toe spring has been substantially lowered in the 20 Series.  The overall shape now closely resembles the Wellness/Life version.  The bad news is that the toe-heel height difference remained the same (4mm).
You will also notice that there is a slight change with the upper. They've kept the lightweight breathable mesh but this time it comes with a laser cut and welded overlay.

Did you see the change they've made on the black metatarsal band?  You will notice that they've replaced this with a new material.  I suppose this is to solve an issue that some runners encountered pain due to unnecessary pressure on the pinky toe
image from runblogger
This is a good progression being made by New Balance. Should you get one? Better keep your hard-earned cash and wait for the 00 Series to come out in the 1st quarter of 2012. Heard that its a lot lighter, sports a thinner midsoles and utilizes zero-drop. Fast forward to 2012 please


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