Friday, September 2, 2011

New Balance Minimus Zero

When the New Balance brought out the Minimus Collection, there was one distinct request that the barefoot/minimalist running community clamored for. Make it ZERO-DROP! The 10- and 20-series has a 4mm stack height difference between heel and toe.

Our wish has been granted. New Balance will be bringing out the 00-series by next year. Got a sneak peek at Frunning on their new lineup. Unfortunately, the pictures and video was removed as requested by New Balance. Either they made a mistake of prematurely throwing it out in the public or they just want to make a big fuss out of it so runners would drool more

The good news is, I was still able to snatch a few pictures. See how it'll look like -
i like this one :)

Based from the video, the main features are:
- zero drop (thank you New Balance!)
- we will continue to see the 3 models (Trail, Road, and Life)
- thinner midsole compared to the 10- and 20-series
- outsole still with vibram and uses a different design
- upper is very thin and light

More pics from The Adventure Megastore

And from

Check out NB Minimus Zero: 9 Things You Should Know for more details

Like I said, fast-forward to 2012 please ...


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