Monday, September 26, 2011

Skora Running Shoes

I have been keeping tabs on Skora since last year. Yes folks, I've been patiently stalking Skora since last year. There has been a lot of buzz generated and keeping the interest alive. Especially with the (very much anticipated) introduction of their minimalist shoes in the market. Perhaps their marketing arm did a splendid job for keeping me hooked for a very long time

What kept me interested with 'em is that they took an awfully long time in designing their shoes. Taking into considerations the multitude of inputs from barefoot and minimalist runners. And they continued on revising it until they were satisfied. By doing so, Skora Running fanatics even become more addicted.  It was like a pursuit for the holy grail of minimalist running shoes

I also have to mention that, when they've finally  settled with a design they didn't share what the shoes looked like.  For several weeks, they've been hand-feeding us with teaser photos to salivate on.  I was even tempted to stitch the pictures together just to have an idea what it looks like.  That's how desperate I was.

After relentlessly searching the interweb for many many months, I was able to snatch a somewhat decent photo of what is coming.  At first glance, it has similarities to Saucony's Hattori

With their initial offering coming out next year, I hope that their entry ain't too late. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they'll have something unique to offer compared to Merrell, New Balance, Vibram FiveFingers, Saucony and the likes.  As for me, I hope that they don't disappoint.  Especially with $125 for its price tag.

When I learned that a shoe will go under 10 oz (leather version), my excitement took a massive dive.  I guess the long wait isn't worth it after all.  I want something that is less than 4 oz.  Why?  Because my current shoe is.  I am still optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed that the mesh version will live up to my expectations

Here's a quick rundown of minimalist shoes available in the market and their weight -
Zem Gear 360 - 2.5 oz
New Balance RC 5000 - 3.2 oz
Mizuno Wave Universe 4 - 3.8 oz
Feelmax Osma - 4.2 oz
Vibram EL-X - 4.23 oz
Saucony Hattori - 4.4 oz
Asics Piranha SP2 - 4.6 oz
Altra Adam - 4.7 oz
Vibram SeeYa - 4.8 oz
Inov-8 Bare-X Lite™ 150 - 5.2oz
Puma FAAS 100 R - 5.5oz
adidas adiPure Trainer - 5.8 oz
VFF Speed - 5.9 oz
Brooks Mach 12 - 6 oz
Puma FAAS 200 - 6.1 oz
Merrell Barefoot Sonic Glove  - 6.5 oz
New Balance Minimus Trail 20 - 6.5 oz
Terra Plana EVO II - 8.5 oz
Skora BASE - 8.6 oz (MSRP $125)
Skora FORM - 9.5 oz (MSRP $195)

What's the fuss with the shoes being light?  A study about running economy (full article here) showed that "wearing shoes increases the energy cost of running. Burkett et al. (1985) found that oxygen consumption during running increased as the amount of mass they added to the foot increased; shoes and orthotics representing 1% of body mass increased oxygen consumption by 3.1%".  It was also mentioned here that "for every ounce you lower your shoes you knock of 2 seconds off your minute per mile pace"

So when choosing your next pair of shoes, take time to check its weight and grab something lighter


Running Free Manila said...

Hey I was scouring at Skora if they have stores here in the country and saw your entry. Do you have one? Where did you get it? I'm interested as well. haha.

Daves said...

hi RFM, Skora disappointed me after a year of drooling over their marketing stint. my enthusiasm went south the moment i saw their offering. i find it too heavy and expensive

if i were you, i'd save my time and money and look elsewhere. here are good alternatives that can be locally sourced -

somnio nada, inov8 150, mizuno wave universe, saucony type a4, adidas gazelle, asics piranha sp4, nb rc1600, and nike lunarspider

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