Monday, October 24, 2011

Race Review: Adidas King of the Road 2011

Here comes another race review - Adidas King Of The Road KOTR 2011

Good Points
- Registration (seemless online registration)
- Singlet (couldn't expect anything less since its Adidas)
- Bib (mine was personalized and got my name on it)
- Race Kit Collection (NBC tent served as a good venue and got mine quickly)
- Site (dedicated site which contained up-to-date information)
- Timing (used organizer's own timing chip - a nice souvenir)
- Coral Management (personnel was doing their best to keep other distance runners at bay)
- Gun Start (the herd of 21k runners were released on time)
- Distance (the 21k route was all too familiar and accurate)
- Portalet (there were several portalets along the route and in the activity area)
- Hydration (cold water and Powerade was served)
- Hydration (stations was strategically placed along the route)
- Trash Bins (one of those few races who provided one)
- Banana (there were at least 2 banana stations along the route)
- Sponge (several water stations had sponge being distributed)
- Route (16.8k runners got a taste of Buendia flyover)
- Route (very fairly straightforward and difficult to get lost)
- Safety Cones (they've placed several safety pylons along the route)
- Timing mat (a timing mat was available to record our time splits)
- Timing mat (placed at turnaround points to discourage cheaters)
- Marshal (several were stationed along the route)
- Marshal (some i find cheerful, some were respectful, and some were apologetic)
- Medic (they were scattered along the route and ever ready to provide assistance)
- Ambulance (at least saw one in the finish line area)
- Kilometer markers (appreciated that there's marker for every kilometer)
- Directional sign (ample signs was available)
- Photo (official and volunteer photographers were scattered)
- Finisher's Medal (a real medal this time compared to last year)
- Finisher's Loot Bag (got mine in record time)
- Finisher's Distribution (tents were separated by distances)

Areas for Improvement
- Registration fee (i find the price point above than normal)
- Host (i wished it was Boy Ramos because he makes sense and can relate to the runners)

Couldn't Comment/Other Observations
- Baggage Counter (didn't notice if there was a long queue)
- Race results (expecting for the official results to come out in 2 days)
- Beneficiary (couldn't identify if there was a bonafide beneficiary)
- Photo Booth/Wall (didn't notice if there was any)
- Post-event Activity Area (did not linger long enough to see what was going on)
- Fire Trucks (none was seen though I personally don't like a shower or get my shoes drenched)

My Thoughts
I only expected the best out from this event since it was handled by RunRio. And it did not disappoint. The difference between this year and last year's race was night and day.  I did not have to beg for water or pick one from the sidewalk.  It is definitely a good call made by Adidas Philippines to bring in a reputable race organizer this time

There are just so few to nitpick about this race so I am keeping this review very short.  With that, I just want to say thanks to Adidas and RunRio for a job well done.  To those who crossed the finish line (and did not cut corners), congratulations to you!


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