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eXtri 2011

Ex-TRI San Juan is an off-road type triathlon race which poses unique challenges specifically during the bike and run segments

Event Name: eXtri 2011
Date: 3 December 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: La Luz Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Distances and Disciplines (eXtri 2011)
1km Ocean Swim
23km XC Bike
4km Trail Run

Registration Fee
Nov 01 - Nov 15: PHP2,500.00
Nov 16 - Nov 19: PHP2,800.00

Rules of Individual Disciplines & Required Equipment
1 Swimming
 Racers may use any stroke or method without use of any artificial propulsion devices
 Goggles or masks and swim caps are required
 Use of snorkels not allowed
 No artificial propulsion aids may be used
 Prior to starting the race, participants must wear swim caps and are already “body marked” for identification and monitoring in the swim leg of the race
 All swimmers must swim to the outside of the rope marker and buoys
 Intentional “roughing”, elbowing, bashing and striking of other competitors will result in disqualification from the race
 Those who veer too far from the swim leg Race Course will be assisted back by the Safety Marshals

Required Equipment
Goggles or mask/ Swimming caps

2 Mountain Biking
 Road bikes, time trial bikes, cyclo-cross and tandem bikes are not permitted
 Tires (wheels) must be 26-inch (660 mm) diameter with a minimum width of 1.8 inches (46 mm)
 Slick tires are not permitted. Semi-slick tires are not permitted
 Participants may ride, push, pull, or carry the bikes
 Each participant must wear a bike helmet securely strapped to his/her head at all times in the mountain bike leg of the race
 Participants lacking any of the mandatory equipment will be subject to penalties or disqualification
 All participants must FULLY STOP at the mandatory Check Point in the bike leg- make sure you receive your verification mark from the Race Official.
 All participants should follow the instructions of Race Officials at the bike leg- specifically where to mount and dismount, slow down, completely stop, etc.
 Riders who are stalled should clear the trail and allow other participants to pass thru
 Participants who suffer a mechanical problem can either fix his equipment at the side of the Race Course or proceed to the Mechanic Station along the bike leg course (see Race Map) where he will receive assistance

Required Equipment
Mountain Bike- checked and approved for safety by Official Bike Mechanic Helmet- ANSI/SNELL certified
Upper clothing- bike jersey, race jersey, t-shirts, running shirts, etc
Race Number- either fastened to the upper clothing or to a race belt
Bike Number- fastened to the front of the bike

Recommended Equipment
Extra inner tubes Repair kit / tool kit Patch kit Tire pump Eye wear / protection
Cycling gloves

3 Running
 Runners may run, walk or crawl
 Runners should follow all instructions by Race Officials; failure to do so will result in time penalty/ies or disqualification
 All participants must stop at the mandatory Check Point in the Run leg course- make sure you receive your verification mark from the Race Official
 Running, trekking, hiking and adventure racing shoes with ample protection against loose rocks, glass fragments, tree branches and debris should be worn during the running section of the Race Course

Required equipment
Footwear-. NO sandals (Teva, Mojo,etc) or Aquasocks allowed during the run leg
Helmet- ANSI/SNELL certified helmet MUST be worn at all times during the run leg of the race

Recommended Equipment
Eye wear / Protection
Hydration belt/ Hydration packs

Shirt Design / Race Tee

Route Maps

Rules & Regulations (Race Course)
- Marshals on critical areas will guard the Race Course, intersections and signs, banners, buoys and other marking devices. Participants are responsible for
(a) Staying on the course
(b) Slowing down to pay attention to course markings or the absence of course markings
(c) Participants may be provided with course maps and are responsible for understanding the maps and headings and following the maps and headings
- The Race Course may be changed due to weather, safety hazards or darkness. The Race Committee will have complete discretion to adjust raw leg finish times to reflect any course changes
- Athletes/participants who remove or change the location/direction of course markings will be disqualified
- Participants must stay on the marked course. Any participant inadvertently leaving the marked course will be time penalized unless he/she reenters the course at the exact place that it left the course. Participants intentionally leaving the marked course will be time penalized or disqualified
- Any act harmful to the ecology of the race venue, including littering or leaving any trash, garbage or equipment on the race course, will result in a time penalty of not less than 5 minutes or disqualification. Water and food containers gotten from aid stations must be deposited in trash containers or carried on the Race Course until they can be deposited in trash containers

General Guidelines
1 Any participant failing to finish a Race leg within the allotted time or deadline fixed by the Race Committee will remove itself from the Race course as directed by a Race official with prior clearance from the Race Committee. Time cut-off points may be designated at various points in any Race leg
2 The use of any EQUIPMENT, the legality of which is unclear under these rules, must be disclosed in full to the Race Committee prior to use and must be pre-approved. In the event that the equipment is approved, the Race committee has the right to announce the use of such equipment to all participants. In the event that a participant fails to pre-disclose and receive pre-approval, this fact will weigh very heavily against the participant in the determination of any protests filed on account of such equipment
3 The use of any RACE TACTIC, the legality of which is unclear under these rules, must be disclosed in full to the Race Committee prior to the start of the race and must be pre-approved. If a participant fails to pre-dispose and receive pre-approval, protest filed on account of such tactic. Failure of any participant member or a participant to immediately and respectfully comply with a direction or decision of a Race official may result in the disqualification of the participant
4 Participants may use any self-propelled means to traverse the race course provided the participants start and finish each race leg with all required equipment for that sport\discipline
5 No outside support is allowed between the start and finish lines of any Race stage. Participants must be self-contained except for limited support offered from official aid stations and at the transition area. If offered, support may also be accepted from other officially entered participants provided that the offer and acceptance of such support does not violate any Rule
6 The winning participant may be required to attend a media conference after each race. Participants required to attend will be notified at the finish line. All participants are required to attend the awarding ceremonies after the race. A maximum fine of 50% will be deducted from prize money winnings if any participant fails to attend the awarding ceremonies. Individual participant will be excused from required media conferences and awarding ceremonies for medical reasons provided the medical excuse is certified by the Race Medical Director or Race Director


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