Thursday, November 17, 2011

SecondWind Talk: Compression Technology

SecondWind Running Specialty store will be hosting a talk on COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY. This talk will cover most of the basics of compression technology, and most FAQs (frequently asked questions)
- Does it work
- What does it do
- Does it prevent cramping
- How do you know if it fits right
- What kind of compression to get
- Who needs compression
- Can I wear this during sport
- Can I wear this after sport, and many more
- Is it exclusive to runners
- Is it exclusive to triathletes

The talk will be conducted by David Almendral and Tobias Bernardo of Light’N Up Mktg, who distributes Zoot and 2XU here in the Philippines. Both David and Tobias is well versed when it comes to compression technology (both are runners and triathletes as well). They have worked closely with point persons from Zoot and 2XU, they know their products inside and out!

When: November 25, 2011 (Friday) at 6PM
Where: Ortigas Home Depot Hall4 (front of SecondWind Ortigas)

And much like all of the previous talks of SecondWind, registration is FREE!

Not just that, participants also get a chance to walk away with a prize or two. A fair warning though, big winners from previous raffles were the ones who went to the stores to register and dropped their business cards (some just wrote on a piece of paper)

Prioritization of the raffle prizes are (1) those who went to the stores to register and dropped off business cards or contact info, (2) those who called in to register, and (3) walk-in

(source: secondwind running store facebook page)


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