Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Race Map

You may check your race result here
We are just two weeks away from Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. With that, I give you the race maps for all categories.  The half-marathon and marathon route is the same as last year.  Then there's a new non-competitive category which, for me, provides a great opportunity for friends and family members to enjoy this sport and lead a more active lifestyle

I've noticed that the 10km route has been slightly modified.  We will no longer see/run along Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands.  Not sure why but perhaps this is the organizer's answer to combat the congestion in East Coast Parkway (ECP).  This was one of the major complaints that participants from other categories has raised. 

Looking into the race route even further, all runners will still merge in Republic Blvd.  This means that its going to be a struggle for the half and full marathoners on the last 3 kilometers as they will still mash up with the 10km and 5km runners.  I hope that the running experience will still be a little better


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