Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barefoot Running: So Easy, A Caveman Did It!

Caught up on an article being thrown around a couple of days ago.  Wasn't seriously paying attention to it because at the back of my mind I was thinking "what new stuff will it tell me?"  But the curious side of me decided to read it. And good thing that I did!  Found an answer to a sight that has baffled me weeks ago.  But before I tell you more, here's an excerpt
Similarly, when Dr. Lieberman traveled recently to Kenya for a study published last year in Nature, he found that Kenyan schoolchildren who lived in the city and habitually wore shoes ran differently from those who lived in the country and were almost always barefoot. Asked to run over a force platform that measured how their feet struck the ground, a majority of the urban youngsters landed on their heels and generated significant ground reaction forces or, in layman’s terms, pounding. The barefoot runners typically landed closer to the front of their feet and lightly, without generating as much apparent force

Based on such findings, it would seem as if running barefoot should certainly be better for the body, because less pounding should mean less wear and tear. But there are problems with that theory. The first is that the body stubbornly clings to what it knows. Just taking off your shoes does not mean you’ll immediately attain proper barefoot running form, Dr. Lieberman told me. Many newbie barefoot runners continue to stride as if they were in shoes, landing heavily on their heels
So, what was the horrible scene that my eyes laid unto? Runners heel-striking while on minimalist shoes.  Unheard of, right?  Wrong!  I was just as surprised as you are right now.  Even seeing it first hand, I still couldn't believe it.  I even had to stare at it for at least a good minute to see that I wasn't dreaming or seeing things

Now I know the reason behind it.  This just supports the article I posted awhile back.  You have to learn barefoot running by actually running in bare feet.  Getting a pair of minimalist shoes off the shelf doesn't automatically changes the way you run.  Its no magic pill, my friends

(captain caveman courtesy of josh warner )


Anonymous said...

"Runners heel-striking while on minimalist shoes."

- - never saw me during my run? =) i experienced it already and some photos can proved it hahaha. . It happens when trying to maintain a certain speed and already tired :). . One more thing if you know Alex Jones, he suffered blisters and do a lot of heel strike using VFF. . until now i think! Observe him.

congrats for winning a soleus watch. . pa-raffle mo na yan. . o kaya bentahan mo ako sa murang halaga kapag may extra ka :)

Daves said...

tendency is to lose form when one is tired usually happens on the last mile. this happens to me as well. i've got tons of photos to prove it, hehehe

the sole of a VFF is rather thick which rarely promotes fore/midfoot running form. this also goes the same to the majority of the minimalist shoes available in the market

Zalds said...

Buti na lang hindi pa ako bumili ng minimalist shoes. Sinasanay ko pa kasi mga paa ko sa forefoot stride..consciously! I dont want to go through the painful experience of plantar faciitis again ;) so far so good up to 15k. This Sunday sa QCIM ko pa masusubukan if I can maintain the form for FM. Nice article daves ;)

Daves said...

bossing zalds, that's the best way to go. redefine the running form first then only use a minimalist footwear to enforce it. good luck po sa qcim! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice article and Blog!! Love the pic ;)

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