Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marathon Singapore 2011 Expo

Decided to drop by at the Singapore Sports Expo to check out if they're selling medal hangers similar to the one purchased by The Bull Runner and possibly other stuff that I can bring back home. The Singapore Sports Expo (SSE) is co-locating with the Race Entry Pack Collection for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011

Since I'm both tired and lazy today, this blog entry will contain with pictures I've taken with my trusty mobile camera so please pardon the not-so crisp (read: blurry) images. Think of it like a walk through of the Expo. At least you won't get bored with my usual word-y blog. Enjoy!

a very long stretch
entrance to the expo
look what we have here
sign up for sgd60 and get a shirt and short
unfortunately no Ironman Run Trainer
they've used an X6 as the clock car
remembered one of our sessions in Milo APEX
nice discount from Nathan
no sneak peek on the 2012 collection
and more hydration belts from Ultimate Direction and Nathan
muscle rub stations powered by Tiger Balm ACTIVE
a bit expensive (sgd65) for my shallow pockets
runners "tasting" Shotz energy gel
if we got RUNNR, SecondWind & Riovana they have Running Lab
ecstatic to see Rock Tape here

They've got no medal hangers here but I didn't go home empty-handed. Bought a roll of Rock Tape and what I can say is that their adhesive formula is waaaay better than KT Tape


deemenrunner said...

ganda nung 2xu singlet! sana nagpabili ako! haha!

Daves said...

muntik na nga ako mag-signup para sa shirt at short, hehehe!

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