Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Soleus GPS 1.0 Is Not Cheap

"Soleus GPS 1.0 is not cheap", I learned from David Arnold (founder of Soleus Running) during the media event held in Texas Road House Grill. Here in our neck of the woods we normally associate stuff that is pocket-friendly as cheap. I guess there's a negative vibe that comes along with the word that David immediately corrected me when he heard me saying it. To be honest, when the first time I heard about the product and learning its price point ($99), I was dumbfounded. Who wouldn't?

How can Soleus possibly earn with this watch? Was this an aggressive move? With so many options to choose from, a newcomer will be difficult to penetrate the existing GPS market without having a unique differentiator. Think about it. You got a watch that needs to sell. But it exists already. What else can you offer to the running community? Strip down to the basics and just give what a runner requires which helps to bring down the cost to make 'em and make it very affordable to everyone

GPS 1.0 digital watch is packed with features any runner could want from a watch. It comes with a Pace and Distance feature, which gauges and records the pace you’re going at with the current or total distance you ran. With these features, you can keep track of your performance each mile at the end of your run.

Additional features such as a high sensitivity GPS receiver, world time which covers 106 cities in all time zones, and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last up to 8 hours in full GPS mode and weeks if not in GPS mode, the Soleus GPS 1.0 is a perfect running companion.  If you bought one already either for yourself or as a gift, here's a video which basically teaches you on how to use your watch

The GPS 1.0 is perfect for the runner who wants to track speed and distance but doesn't need all the bells and whistles. Last but not least, Soleus GPS 1.0 has a compact design which makes its one of the smaller GPS watches on the market today. If you are still hesitating if you'd get one ... dont! For only PHP6,150 - its a steal! Drop by at the nearest TimeGear or LTimeStudio near you

Here's the good news for the ladies. Besides the usual Black/Gray and Black/Electric Green, Soleus has released the new Black/Pink version.  Better call up their store that is closest to you, and ask if they have one available.  Better hurry.  As I know, this will be for a limited time only

Still couldn't decide if you'll buy one? Here's a review from DC Rainmaker. DC Rainmaker has reviewed many sport watches in the past and some include Garmin FR910XT, Garmin FR610, Timex Run Trainers, and Polar RCX5. Here's one of his concluding statements -

"If I was Garmin, Timex or Polar, I’d be rather concerned about this watch – and what the company plans to do in the future. Right now they’ve undercut the Garmin FR110 by about $90-$100 (half the price). Sure, the FR110 does heart rate – and that’s valuable, but I’m also realistic that many folks don’t use or care about heart rate monitoring – they just want to know how far and how fast"

Before I forget, I want to say THANKS! for extending the invite to the media launch (and the watch)


deemenrunner said...

akalain mong may pink version. sana red na lang! gusto ko ng red nito. hehe! pero tama, don't want to call something i bought as "cheap." hehe!

The Sweet Life Runner said...

No name drop? Anyway, you're most welcome! :P

Daves said...

@deemen, gusto ko din ng RED =)

men watches said...

it was awesome!!

Jack son said...

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