Monday, January 30, 2012

Skechers GO Run

Last week, I received an invitation for the launch of Skecher's GO Run. The said shoe supposedly promotes midfoot strike and veers the wearer away from heel striking. Sounds good eh? The concept is quite similar with another shoe brand that employs the "action/reaction technology". The difference is that Skecher GO Run has a curved bottom that shifts the point of impact forward to create a midfoot strike and promote a more natural motion

To tell you the truth, I'm happy to see another shoe giant jumping unto the minimalist running bandwagon. We are finally seeing some traction to the idea that 'Less Is More'. It is also great to see that Skechers is abandoning the idea that barefoot running equates to heel striking (see: Skechers Resistance Runner). Finally someone knocked some sense to Skecher's design team and they will remain in the right path if they continue to do so

Part of the event was to run 500 meters the shortest time possible. They needed 9 volunteers, me included, which gave us the opportunity to give the GO Run for a quick spin. Since I am not used to running on a treadmill, I managed to finish the required distance in under 3 minutes. Yes, I am sourgraping for not bringing home the bacon. Vener, Marissa, and Janine brought home a pair that night

Here are some of my thoughts about the shoe. It is light. The shoe weighs less than 7 ounces. Compared to other minimalist footwear, this puts it at the same spectrum as the New Balance Minimus Trail and Merrell Barefoot Sonic Glove. The toebox though not exactly roomy but generous enough for some toe splay. The soft upper also helps on this job which makes wiggling your toes easier

The sizing is similar to other footwear. I normally go for a 9 or 9.5, I asked for a 9 and it fit me well with no problems. Because of the rocker bottom my heel was raised. It felt that I was floating. Not sure if that's a bad thing since my experience was brief. Will it affect one's biomechanics? Cant tell.  Price-wise, GO Run is quite competitive. The mens style (7 colors) sells for PHP4,095 while the womens (has 8 colors) can be brought home at PHP3,995

With the entry of Skechers GO Run in the market, it gives more options to runners who wish to transition to a more lightweight neutral trainer.  Thanks to Vima, Bernice, Lorraine, and Michelle for the invite!

Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 Run United Trilogy Loyalty Shirt

**UPDATE as of Feb 11 2012**
1 You can claim your loyalty shirt starting today at Riovana BGC from 12 noon to 9 PM. Claiming is until Monday (Feb 13)! Please bring a valid ID and, if possible, BIB/race numbers
2 If you're in the province, you may send a representative with an authorization letter, a copy of your ID, and a valid ID of your representative

**Final list for RU 2011 Trilogy Loyalty Shirt! (as of Feb 6)**

Unilab Active Health and RunRio have been working together to finalize the list of participants who have loyally and successfully finished all three legs of the the 2011 Run United Trilogy and qualified recipient of the Loyalty Shirt

Here's the updated list (as of Jan 31 2012 Feb 8 2012) of the 2011 Run United Trilogy finishers qualified for loyalty shirts. You can see it here. For further queries on the list of recipients, kindly send your details (complete name, bib numbers and the categories you ran in 2011) to so Unilab can have the information verified with RunRio. Unilab intends to come up with a final list by February 3, 2012

The Loyalty Shirt and Certificates of Run United 2 & Run United 3 2011 will be released before the Run United Leg 1 of 2012. What will it look like? We will know before March 4.  Can't wait!

(image and info from Unilab Active Health)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Race For The Orphans 2012

A race for the orphans, a race for your hearts! A very special race for the month of the heart—The Race For The Orphans will stir the Camp Aguinaldo Grounds in the still misty morning of February 12, 2011 each not only to experience running the peaceful grounds of the military camp but to take part in answering the orphans cry for love and compassion

It is with this aim that Rundezvous Events Inc., will stage this event that will provide scholarship grants through “I-Hope”, a trust fund that will support the educational needs of these orphans of soldiers killed in action in Mindanao and for future grantees of the AFP Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS)

“We shall leave no soldiers’ orphan behind”. This is the AFP Educational Benefit System Office’s (AFPEBSO) tagline, an organization which deeply recognizes the heroism in each Filipino soldier. It is one of the morale and welfare outfits of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that grant educational benefits both to the military personnel and their dependents with the aim of helping them secure a brighter future. As it recognizes our soldiers' heroism, especially of those who lay down their lives in protecting peace, AFPEBSO gives priority to the orphans of Filipino soldiers who were killed in action

What: Race For The Orphans
When: February 12, 2012
Where: Camp Aguinaldo Grounds

Registration Fee
PHP400 - 5km
PHP600 - 10km
Note: Includes Bib with Timing Tag and Singlet

Registration Site
- Secondwind Running Store: Quezon City and Ortigas Branches
- A Runners Circle (ARC): Roxas Blvd. corner Quirino Avenue
- ROX: Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig

Singlet Design

Assembly Time and Gun Start
10km - 5:15AM - 5:45AM
5km - 5:30AM - 6:00AM
Note: start/finish line will be in front of the Grandstand Parade Grounds

Race Route / Race Map
5km road map
10km road map

General Guidelines
1 Baggage deposit service is available near Assembly area from 4:30AM to 9:30AM only
2 Hydration and medical assistance will be provided at certain points along the race route and at the finish line
3 Public restrooms can be found in the Grandstand areas
4 Portalets will be made available along the 10km route
5 All participants are required to park their vehicles at the designated area of the Parade Grounds 1 hour before the assembly time
6 Race bib must be worn at all times during the race, preferable pinned in front of the runner's shirt
7 Runners will be given a straw-necklace at some point in the race as an indicator of having finished a certain distance. Runners must have this straw necklace at the finish line

1 Participants may enter Camp Aguinaldo (please show identification and racebib) thru
- Gate 1 (B Serrano-15th Ave) - open 24hrs
- Gate 6 (B Serrano-20th Ave) - open 5AM
2 Parking area will be at the right side of the Grandstand
3 Restroom are situated at the side of the Grandstand and along De Jesus Ave fronting AFP Theatre
4 There are also restrooms in the nearby St Ignatius Church
5 The camp has designated times for flag ceremony please give due respect by standing and placing your hand on your chest

Please call or text
Abet: 09158030224 or Zarina: 09165217400
Or call Phone: 6(32) 3829659 c/o of Salie Guarin

We’ll see you at Camp Aguinaldo on February 12, 2012!

(race details from Sir Rene/Jazzrunner)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Discovery Channel Vertical Run 10k 2012

In support and benefit of the 2012 Earth Hour, Discovery Channel will have another Vertical Run happening on February 12, 2012 at the Stamford Residences (McKinley)

Race Result
3km official result list
5km official result list
10km official result list

Registration Fee
PHP500 - 3km
PHP650 - 5km
PHP1000 - 10km (vertical)

Registration Site
Skechers Concept Store Trinoma (2/F)
Skechers Concept Store Market Market (2/F)
Skechers Concept Store Glorietta 5 (G/F)
ROX, Bonifacio Global City
RUNNR, Bonifacio Global City

Race Map
25 up, 25 down

Finisher Shirt
10 km

1st Place     Php 5,000    Php 5,000
2nd Place     Php 3,000    Php 3,000
3rd Place     Php 2,000    Php 2,000

1st Place     Php 6,000    Php 6,000
2nd Place     Php 5,500    Php 5,500
3rd Place     Php 2,500    Php 2,500

Vertical + 10K    
1st Place     Php 15,000    Php 15,000
2nd Place    Php 7,000    Php 7,000
3rd Place     Php 4,000    Php 4,000
Note: Top winner of the vertical run 10k goes to Singapore to represent the country in November 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

ZEM360. Barefoot Shoe

Lightweight. Check. Flexible sole. Check. Superb ground feel. Check. Roomy toe box. Check. Seems that all the attributes that I am looking for a minimalist footwear, ZEM360 has it all.  Question still remains, is it good?  So there's only one thing left to do

I've been using it for several weeks and already logged at least 200 kilometers. My initial impression? Didn't like the foot shape. The first time I took it for a quick spin, my little toes suffered major rubbing issues. Had to stop several occasions and adjust the shoes in order to alleviate the pain.  Good thing it didn't become painful blisters

Its either I have an abnormal wide feet or Zem couldn't come up with a product specifically designed to barefoot runners.  Was expecting more out from them since this is their "barefoot runners" series.  It doesn't take the cake but good enough to serve its intended purpose

ZEM is now being retailed (both round toe and ninja split toe) at ROX BGC and Res|Toe|Run
- ZEM360 - PHP2690
- ZEMO2 - PHP2290
- ZEM Wellness - PHP1690
- ZEM Playa - PHP1690
- ZEM Playa Jr - PHP1290
- ZEM Traveler - PHP1990
- ZEM Ninja - PHP1690

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forty Seven Minutes And Fifty Four Seconds

If you have been living under a rock, sub-Piolo is a term that has been coined after Piolo has set a blistering fast time (47:56) on a 10km race two years ago.  Not unless you are genetically blessed with Kenyan genes, his personal record is really hard to beat.  One needs to put in a lot of  mileage

Just last week, we had the privilege to interact with the man himself.  What made the press conference different was the fact that it was intimate.  The bloggers had a rare opportunity to ask Piolo about his nutrition, training program, race strategy, and other stuff related to running

After the Q&A with Piolo, bloggers had fun with Pinoy Henyo. Sir Rene and I tried our luck but our henyo word (second wind) was quite tricky.  Winners got a Timex watch.  Wanted one for meself since the strap of my watch (Ironman Triathlon) is starting to get brittle. Lady luck wasn't even on my side during the raffle

Eventhough I went home empty handed (not entirely true coz I got a shirt), the experience was priceless

Piolo Fun Facts
- He will be running 10km with Coach Rio this Sunday
- He finished his half-marathon (21km) in 1 hour and 58 minutes
- He aims for a sub-4 finish on his first marathon in Berlin
- He runs in UP Acad Oval (spotted him there on several occassions)
- He does pre- and post-run (static/dynamic) stretching
- Swears that GU Energy Gel has helped him during races
- His training program is composed of speedwork and tempo

Join Papa Piolo Pascual as he celebrate his 35th birthday at the 2012 Timex Run.  As a special treat, Timex will raffle 35 Timex watches to all the finishers

Don't waste your time sitting on your couch. Go out and register.
Here are the updated registration dates for each store:
Timex Trinoma – until January 18, 2012 (Wednesday)
Watch Republic Shop Robinsons Galleria – until January 18, 2012 (Wednesday)

Riovana Katipunan – until January 21, 2012 (Saturday)
Riovana BGC – until January 22, 2012 (Sunday, Race Day)

Registration fees are PHP650 for 5km, PHP700 for 10km, and PHP750 for 16km.  See more details here

Hope to see you run with Piolo on January 22 at BGC

BIG THANKS to Mr Avi, Ms Gemma, Ms Vima, Runrio & Timex for the invitation

(image credits to Sir Rene/JazzRunner)

Monday, January 16, 2012

No SPEED Limit 2012

Race Result: Download the official race result here
Race Photos: No SPEED Limit (album1, album2, album3, album4, album5)

No SPEED Limit is a benefit run organized by Ateneo Special Education Society (Ateneo SPEED). No SPEED Limit this year offers 3km, 5km,10km and 15km routes both inside and outside the Ateneo campus, stretching until Libis and C5 area

This run is for the benefit of Batino Elementary School. Ateneo SPEED aims to aid in the further development of teachers in one of the largest public special education institutions in Quezon City (Molave corner Batino Streets, Project 3)

Batino Elementary School has three special educational facilities funded by the government and aided by non-government organizations.  The three special facilities cater to the needs of visually-impaired, hearing-impaired and mentally-challenged kids. Over the years, the institution has produced special graduates whose potentials were discovered inside the four corners of the school’s “special” classrooms

Registration Fee
PHP400 - 3km
PHP450 - 5km
PHP550 - 10km
PHP700 - 15km

Registration Site
ROX Bonifacio High Street (2PM-7PM)
Toby's Mall of Asia
RUNNR Trinoma

Singlet Design

Assembly Time & Gun Start
15K - 4:00AM - 4:45AM
10K - 4:30AM - 5:00 AM
5K - 4:30AM - 5:15 AM
3K - 5:00AM - 5:30 AM

Race Map / Race Route

Finishers Medal

Finishers Shirt

Cash/Consolation Prizes
1st Place: 6,000
2nd Place: 4,000
3rd Place: 1,500

1st Place: P4,000
2nd Place: P3,000
3rd Place: P1,000

1st Place: P2,500
2nd: P1,000
3rd: Consolation Prizes

1st: Consolation Prizes
2nd: Consolation Prizes
3rd: Consolation Prizes

Sponsorship/Registration Inquiries
Text/ Call: Abby @ 0917-691-9500 and 0922-863-0433

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fila Skele-Toes 2.0 Spotted!

I was aimlessly strolling around a mall when I saw these babies. Initially thought they were the 1st version but it turned out these are the 2nd generation of Skele-Toes. Another surprising fact is they're darn cheap. Don't tell your mom but they are a nice alternative to the pricey VFFs. I mean, if you can afford a pair of Komodo Sport then just go ahead and part with your hard-earned cash but if you are cash-strapped, like me, I'd go with these toe shoes

Am I saying that Skele-Toes is equally or as nearly as good as the Five Fingers?  Can't say.  Haven't owned a pair.  Not unless Fila sends me one.  From my short interaction, the sole is a bit thick and stiff which meant lose of ground feel.  This is also heavy at 6 oz.  Not a good sign.  A transition shoes perhaps?  This could work especially to those who wants "extra protection".  I warn you though, you'll continue to heel strike with these.  The only reason I'll get a pair is for casual use only or maybe use it as my trail shoe.  I just hope they work better than the Trail Gloves

My point is, if you've been wearing clunky, thick-heeled, arch supporting shoes and wanna join the minimalist bandwagon then Skele-Toes might have a space in your shoe rack. If you have been running either barefoot or in minimal shoes, its best that you veer away from this product. It 'll be a waste of your time and money not unless that's your purpose in the first place.  If Fila comes up with Skele-Toes 3.0, I wish they'd make the soles thin (say 2mm-4mm), make it lightweight (less than 4 oz) and junk their current strap design

Browsing Fila's website, I saw more goodies there.  I'm crossing my fingers that Isports Life Inc (aka Fila Philippines) also brought the other colorways and in my humble opinion are waaay better than the ones that I saw.

Even with the lawsuit filed by Vibram S.p.A. and Vibram USA Inc, Fila doesn't seem to be slowing down in terms of introducing new minimalist products in the market.  Besides Skele-Toes v1.0 and v2.0 they've also released Skele-Toes amp ($75), Skele-Toes bay runner ($70), and Skele-Toes TriFit (my fave at $60).  I'm praying that Fila will be nice enough to bring these here as well.  Or if you have seen 'em already just give me a holler, aight?

skele-toes TriFit
skele-toes bay runner
skele-toes amp

Surprised to see another laced version of the Skele-Toes from an online store since there was no mention about it on Fila's official website

skele-toes voltage

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update! Go Natural Run 2012

1 Registration for Go Natural Run 2012 is until January 11 at all in-store registration sites (Toby's & Athletes Foot)
2 Registration at RIOVANA will be until Friday (January 13)
3 Raffle prizes from Resorts World Manila, Air Philippines, Timex and others are in store for lucky runners participating in the race

Please support the campaign for early education of children about diabetes by joining Go Natural Run 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

More Than Meets The Eye

For most of us, including me, we see Riovana as a one-stop shop and hub for almost anything a runner would ever need or want.  It carries the latest running footwear from the most popular brands. They also offer high-tech and fashionable apparels and must-have running accessories and training devices.  The BGC branch offers a member’s lounge where one can relax and socialize with fellow runners. Lockers are rentable and shower rooms are available for both gender

We already have SecondWind and RUNNR where both stores specializes on running.  There's also The Brick and ROX which covers other discipline (bike and swim).  Question is, what sets Riovana apart from the rest?  Sole Healing Recovery Center (located at the 2nd level of Riovana Bonifacio Global City Store)

Sole Healing is a dedicated running recovery center aims to give runners the comforts of home, the leisureliness of a spa, the modernity of a physical therapy clinic and the tested concepts of sports medicine.  I could not ask for more

They have Dr. Gar Eufemio (President of the Philippine Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine) and Dr. Jun Rafanan (incoming President of the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine and is the current Chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of The Medical City) as their sports doctors.  Coach Jim Saret (consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee and is the Training Director of the Milo-APEX Running Clinics) serves as conditioning specialist.  What a roster!

Among the treatments/services (acupuncture, cryo-treatment, laser & ultrasound therapy, sports massage, hydration therapy, oxygen supplementation, and kinesio-taping) being offered, platelet-rich plasma caught my attention

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a simple and quick (30 mins) procedure.  They will take a small amount of your blood, centrifuge it to yield a concentration of platelets and inject it back into an injured tissue. The idea is to supplement the growth factors and plasma cells in a person's blood with a concentrated dose in order to speed up healing (ex sore knee or a scarred Achilles' tendon)

Just learned that platelet rich plasma therapy helped superstars like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant get back on the field.  Heard it is a bit expensive (from another clinic) but still a lot cheaper compared to invasive surgery and does not require the long months of rehabilitation that surgery would demand.  Heard from Mark (a marathoner) that the downtime is only 1 week.  Fab!  Gotta see my doctor and ask if this will help my right knee and left heel. 

Location / Store Hours
Riovana BGC. Mon–Thur 11AM – 10PM, Fri-Sun 10AM – 11PM
Riovana Katipunan. Mon–Sun 10AM – 8PM
Riovana Mall of Asia.  Coming Soon
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