Friday, January 13, 2012

Fila Skele-Toes 2.0 Spotted!

I was aimlessly strolling around a mall when I saw these babies. Initially thought they were the 1st version but it turned out these are the 2nd generation of Skele-Toes. Another surprising fact is they're darn cheap. Don't tell your mom but they are a nice alternative to the pricey VFFs. I mean, if you can afford a pair of Komodo Sport then just go ahead and part with your hard-earned cash but if you are cash-strapped, like me, I'd go with these toe shoes

Am I saying that Skele-Toes is equally or as nearly as good as the Five Fingers?  Can't say.  Haven't owned a pair.  Not unless Fila sends me one.  From my short interaction, the sole is a bit thick and stiff which meant lose of ground feel.  This is also heavy at 6 oz.  Not a good sign.  A transition shoes perhaps?  This could work especially to those who wants "extra protection".  I warn you though, you'll continue to heel strike with these.  The only reason I'll get a pair is for casual use only or maybe use it as my trail shoe.  I just hope they work better than the Trail Gloves

My point is, if you've been wearing clunky, thick-heeled, arch supporting shoes and wanna join the minimalist bandwagon then Skele-Toes might have a space in your shoe rack. If you have been running either barefoot or in minimal shoes, its best that you veer away from this product. It 'll be a waste of your time and money not unless that's your purpose in the first place.  If Fila comes up with Skele-Toes 3.0, I wish they'd make the soles thin (say 2mm-4mm), make it lightweight (less than 4 oz) and junk their current strap design

Browsing Fila's website, I saw more goodies there.  I'm crossing my fingers that Isports Life Inc (aka Fila Philippines) also brought the other colorways and in my humble opinion are waaay better than the ones that I saw.

Even with the lawsuit filed by Vibram S.p.A. and Vibram USA Inc, Fila doesn't seem to be slowing down in terms of introducing new minimalist products in the market.  Besides Skele-Toes v1.0 and v2.0 they've also released Skele-Toes amp ($75), Skele-Toes bay runner ($70), and Skele-Toes TriFit (my fave at $60).  I'm praying that Fila will be nice enough to bring these here as well.  Or if you have seen 'em already just give me a holler, aight?

skele-toes TriFit
skele-toes bay runner
skele-toes amp

Surprised to see another laced version of the Skele-Toes from an online store since there was no mention about it on Fila's official website

skele-toes voltage


Unknown said...

Hi, which mall were you when you saw these fila skele-toes? Thanks.

Daves said...

hi atty,

i originally saw (way back) the skeletoes at sm fairview. a couple of weeks ago, i also saw them in sm megamall and trinoma. i think i saw a pair or two in robinson galleria

if you intend to get one, i suggest that you go with the model that has grooves on its sole (see: skeletoes amp) i see this as an advantage over the flat/shaved sole

thanks for dropping by =)

Anonymous said...


The skeletoes look "comical" with four toes


Gilbert said...

Just bought a pair of Skeletoes Amp and Voltage yesterday. They're an excellent alternative to the ridiculously priced Vibrams.

Daves said...

enjoy your skeletoes gilbert! :)

Daves said...

hi ray

combining the 2 smallest toes into one somehow makes some sense. makes it easier putting it in. though they still got to work with their aesthetic division

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

hi! Are they still available nowadays?

Daves said...

hi renzcy! apologies for the late revert. unfortunately, i have not seen these for several months now. can't remember if any of their stores still carry their old line :(

iPPo said...

@Renzcy Dianna Cervantes

Ensogo has a promo on the skele toes.

Though I think I also saw a couple of them at the FIla outlet store in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. Just try looking at Fila outlet stores because they usually carry old stocks. :)

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