Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forty Seven Minutes And Fifty Four Seconds

If you have been living under a rock, sub-Piolo is a term that has been coined after Piolo has set a blistering fast time (47:56) on a 10km race two years ago.  Not unless you are genetically blessed with Kenyan genes, his personal record is really hard to beat.  One needs to put in a lot of  mileage

Just last week, we had the privilege to interact with the man himself.  What made the press conference different was the fact that it was intimate.  The bloggers had a rare opportunity to ask Piolo about his nutrition, training program, race strategy, and other stuff related to running

After the Q&A with Piolo, bloggers had fun with Pinoy Henyo. Sir Rene and I tried our luck but our henyo word (second wind) was quite tricky.  Winners got a Timex watch.  Wanted one for meself since the strap of my watch (Ironman Triathlon) is starting to get brittle. Lady luck wasn't even on my side during the raffle

Eventhough I went home empty handed (not entirely true coz I got a shirt), the experience was priceless

Piolo Fun Facts
- He will be running 10km with Coach Rio this Sunday
- He finished his half-marathon (21km) in 1 hour and 58 minutes
- He aims for a sub-4 finish on his first marathon in Berlin
- He runs in UP Acad Oval (spotted him there on several occassions)
- He does pre- and post-run (static/dynamic) stretching
- Swears that GU Energy Gel has helped him during races
- His training program is composed of speedwork and tempo

Join Papa Piolo Pascual as he celebrate his 35th birthday at the 2012 Timex Run.  As a special treat, Timex will raffle 35 Timex watches to all the finishers

Don't waste your time sitting on your couch. Go out and register.
Here are the updated registration dates for each store:
Timex Trinoma – until January 18, 2012 (Wednesday)
Watch Republic Shop Robinsons Galleria – until January 18, 2012 (Wednesday)

Riovana Katipunan – until January 21, 2012 (Saturday)
Riovana BGC – until January 22, 2012 (Sunday, Race Day)

Registration fees are PHP650 for 5km, PHP700 for 10km, and PHP750 for 16km.  See more details here

Hope to see you run with Piolo on January 22 at BGC

BIG THANKS to Mr Avi, Ms Gemma, Ms Vima, Runrio & Timex for the invitation

(image credits to Sir Rene/JazzRunner)


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