Monday, January 30, 2012

Skechers GO Run

Last week, I received an invitation for the launch of Skecher's GO Run. The said shoe supposedly promotes midfoot strike and veers the wearer away from heel striking. Sounds good eh? The concept is quite similar with another shoe brand that employs the "action/reaction technology". The difference is that Skecher GO Run has a curved bottom that shifts the point of impact forward to create a midfoot strike and promote a more natural motion

To tell you the truth, I'm happy to see another shoe giant jumping unto the minimalist running bandwagon. We are finally seeing some traction to the idea that 'Less Is More'. It is also great to see that Skechers is abandoning the idea that barefoot running equates to heel striking (see: Skechers Resistance Runner). Finally someone knocked some sense to Skecher's design team and they will remain in the right path if they continue to do so

Part of the event was to run 500 meters the shortest time possible. They needed 9 volunteers, me included, which gave us the opportunity to give the GO Run for a quick spin. Since I am not used to running on a treadmill, I managed to finish the required distance in under 3 minutes. Yes, I am sourgraping for not bringing home the bacon. Vener, Marissa, and Janine brought home a pair that night

Here are some of my thoughts about the shoe. It is light. The shoe weighs less than 7 ounces. Compared to other minimalist footwear, this puts it at the same spectrum as the New Balance Minimus Trail and Merrell Barefoot Sonic Glove. The toebox though not exactly roomy but generous enough for some toe splay. The soft upper also helps on this job which makes wiggling your toes easier

The sizing is similar to other footwear. I normally go for a 9 or 9.5, I asked for a 9 and it fit me well with no problems. Because of the rocker bottom my heel was raised. It felt that I was floating. Not sure if that's a bad thing since my experience was brief. Will it affect one's biomechanics? Cant tell.  Price-wise, GO Run is quite competitive. The mens style (7 colors) sells for PHP4,095 while the womens (has 8 colors) can be brought home at PHP3,995

With the entry of Skechers GO Run in the market, it gives more options to runners who wish to transition to a more lightweight neutral trainer.  Thanks to Vima, Bernice, Lorraine, and Michelle for the invite!


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