Saturday, January 21, 2012

ZEM360. Barefoot Shoe

Lightweight. Check. Flexible sole. Check. Superb ground feel. Check. Roomy toe box. Check. Seems that all the attributes that I am looking for a minimalist footwear, ZEM360 has it all.  Question still remains, is it good?  So there's only one thing left to do

I've been using it for several weeks and already logged at least 200 kilometers. My initial impression? Didn't like the foot shape. The first time I took it for a quick spin, my little toes suffered major rubbing issues. Had to stop several occasions and adjust the shoes in order to alleviate the pain.  Good thing it didn't become painful blisters

Its either I have an abnormal wide feet or Zem couldn't come up with a product specifically designed to barefoot runners.  Was expecting more out from them since this is their "barefoot runners" series.  It doesn't take the cake but good enough to serve its intended purpose

ZEM is now being retailed (both round toe and ninja split toe) at ROX BGC and Res|Toe|Run
- ZEM360 - PHP2690
- ZEMO2 - PHP2290
- ZEM Wellness - PHP1690
- ZEM Playa - PHP1690
- ZEM Playa Jr - PHP1290
- ZEM Traveler - PHP1990
- ZEM Ninja - PHP1690


Anonymous said...

Did you find the tightness on the little toes gets better after you broke them in a little? I just bought a pair yesterday, and am similarly having a lot of discomfort on one of my little toes - I'm hopeful that as I break them in, the rubber banding will loosen a little and the problem will go away...

Daves said...

it did loosen up eventually. though i can't exactly remember when did that happen. i suggest you tape your pinkies to help alleviate the pain.

surprisingly the zem02 has a slightly different method on putting the upper with the sole. i haven't gotten one. still contemplating on whether i should grab a pair

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