Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday Madness - Barefoot Group Run/Clinic

For first timers, old timers and runners who are in need of form correction training! It will involve a short lecture, some drills and a 1km run (maybe more?)

What: “Wednesday Madness” Barefoot Group Run/Clinic
When: February 22, 2012 6:00PM
Where: Bonifacio Global City (B7 & B8 waiting shed)
Coach: Lt. Col. Mike Logico (Barefoot Colonel)

To register please email wedmadness@eatprayrun.org with your name and contact number

The guys from Barefoot Running Philippines will also bring some of the BRP shirts to sell off (to those of you who ordered previously now would be a good time to show up and claim yours)

(image credits to vanessaruns.com)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Daves! This is Joshua from Trend Micro CSS. I hope I can join in your future runs. :)

Daves said...

hi josh, have fun on skyathon! can't make it this year. dont have deep pockets for the uber high air fare. thanks for dropping by! =)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was scheduled to have my summer vacation on the same date and I just want to try running on a different surface. I want to try running on white sand too! Hahaha! Do I need to use my normal running shoes, use trail shoes or simply run barefoot? :)

Daves said...

lucky you! hahahaha! haven't tried running in the sand. since its boracay perhaps its ok in bare feet =)

Anonymous said...

I wish I can join on your training and runs in the future. Lots of running Trenders especially in CSS are already losing interest in running due to high registration fees. :(

Daves said...

registration fees getting higher is inevitable. do we run in order to join fun runs or because we want to lead a healthy lifestyle? kapag wala na ako budget at hindi maka-register, tatakbo na lang ako sa kalsada. libre naman eh. though i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's something for us runners with the introduction of BMI next week

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