Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adidas Adipure Adapt - Spotted!

I was in Adidas-Greenbelt looking for a new pair of running socks when I saw a minimalist shoe on display.  Was surprised to spot one because I wasn't expecting any especially when they've just recently launched the Adipure Trainer

I immediately grabbed it and learned the name of the shoe - Adipure Adapt (4.5 oz).  A pair retails for PHP5,295.  The first time my eyes laid on it, I thought it was a pair of water shoe.  Simply judging from its construction where you have a thin sole and an elastic (and lightweight) upper

Initial thoughts.  The shoe has a thin and flexible sole but not zero drop.  Will there be superb ground feedback?  On that aspect, I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Can't comment if the toebox is wide enough.  But the elastic upper may allow the necessary toe splay upon ground contact

The first thing that I did when I got home was to research about it.  I browsed the official site of Adidas but no related material was available.  Then I defaulted by googling the product name and most of the information yielded came from JP, KR, and DE sites.  Tough luck.  Cant read/understand 'em.  Good thing there's a video that shows the shoe in action

I also saw this statement on one of the media blurbs for Adipure Trainer
In March 2012, adidas will launch the adipure Adapt, which the brand describes as “a premium running shoe, which supports the mid-to forefoot foot strike, facilitates higher muscle activity and sufficient joint stability and provides runners with guidance for an efficient run.
I am just wondering why the media isn't picking this up/didn't picked it up or perhaps the five-toed version (Adipure Trainer) is a lot more interesting to the eyes of the general public.  Besides from the black and blue versions that I saw on the store, there are two more colorway based from my google search


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