Monday, March 5, 2012

Congrats To All BDM 102 Warriors!

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Official Result: 2012 BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race (160 finishers out of 186 participants)
Note: Jonnifer Lacanlale (Champion) broke the course record set by Alvin Canada (10 hours 01 minute 05 seconds) with a blistering time of 10 hours and 54 seconds

Contemplating on giving it a go? Here's the road map for your reference
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congrats to Eugene Yasay of Team Alpha 1!


deemenrunner said...

ikaw naman next year! (or rolly) hehe!

Daves said...

ahahaha! bahala na. pag-usapan na lang natin next month kapag open na ung registration sa bdm 2013. naisip ko na nga kung sino support crew ko kung saka-sakali #bdm102walangtulugan

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