Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around

It is important to keep in mind that giving is one form of love. It provides a feeling that is similar to the romantic one. In giving we experience imparting a little part of ourselves to contribute to the growth of someone or something else. Cliché as it may sound, in giving, we get more than what we let go.

Now on its second year, UP OBEM brings you 1,4,3, GO! 2, a fun run for the Philippine Heart Center. It will be held this March 18, 2012 at UP Diliman. It will surely be a hard to miss event for lovers, friends, families and running enthusiasts as a way to spend time with the people they love while experiencing the thrill of running and the gift of giving. Spread the love on 3.18.12!

The primary goal of 1,4,3, GO! 2 is to help raise funds for the operations of the pediatric charity patients of the Philippine Heart Center's social services division. This project aims to help the patients recover from their illnesses by putting smiles on their faces and bringing happiness in their hearts.

What: 143 Go 2
Where: UP Diliman
When: March 18, 2012
Beneficiary: Pediatric Charity Patients of the Philippine Heart Center

Registration Fee
PHP400 - 3km
PHP400 - 5km
PHP750 - 5km (couples/buddies)
PHP400 - 10km

Registration Site
Chris Sports SM North Edsa (02)928-1487, (02)927-6734
Chris Sports SM Megamall (02) 584-9468, (02) 633-1659
Chris Sports Robinsons Manila (02) 359-1848, (02) 536-7847
SecondWind Running Store #45 Malingap St Teachers Village QC
UP OBEM Tambayan Rm. 122, School of Economics, UP Diliman
(9AM – 5PM Mondays to Fridays)
Philippine Heart Center Social Services Division

Singlet Design

Assembly Time and Gun Start
10km - 5:00 AM - 5:30 AM
5km - 5:00 AM - 5:40 AM
5km (Buddy Run) - 5:00 AM - 5:40 AM
3km - 5:00 AM - 5:45 AM

Race Route
Will be posted as soon as it becomes available

General Guidelines
1 Participants may run, walk, or rest upon their discretion, provided that they do not leave the route of the race nor ride in vehicles. Any runner who takes a short cut or rides a vehicle will automatically be disqualified from the competition.
2 All participants will be allotted 3 1/2 hours maximum to finish the whole race. Participants exceeding this allotted time shall not be included in the recorded time results
3 The Race Bib must be worn at all times during the race. At the end of the track, the barcode sticker on the bib will be peeled off by the race organizers to identify individual times
4 Lost race bibs and other important paraphernalia will not be the organizers liability once these have been given to the participants. However, they may still request to purchase a new set of the damaged/lost paraphernalia (eg. Singlet, race bib)
5 The race organizers reserve the right to disqualify or refuse registration of runners and teams whom they deem are not in accordance with Races Rules and Regulations
6 Protests will only be accepted before the awarding. Once the prizes are awarded, participants may no longer contest the ranking of participants
7 Prizes and awards announced in the publicity materials are the official prizes to be awarded to winners
8 Photographs of the event will be uploaded at


deemenrunner said...

ang tamis ng singlet design pic! hahahaha!

Daves said...

dapat ganyan ang photo para sa singlet :)

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