Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rogin-E Last Man Running 2012

When: March 24, 2012 (Saturday)
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Registration Fee
PHP600 - 5km + 2km
PHP800 - 10km + 4km

Registration Site
Olympic Village Trinoma
Olympic Village Alabang Town Center
Olympic Village Robinsons Pioneer
Olympic Village Robinsons Ermita
ROX Bonifacio High Street

Slots / Participants per category
LMR/LWR: 200
10 + 4k: 1000
5 + 2k: 800

Singlet Design
Last Man/Woman Running
5km+2, 10km+4

Gun Start
LMR - 2:00AM
10+4km - 5:30AM
5+2km - 6:00AM

Race Route

General Guidelines
5km + 2km and 10km + 4km
A These categories will have separate race courses. However, they will have several convergent points with the main event especially near the finishing stretch. Furthermore, the two aforementioned categories will be terminating at the finish arch
B The top male and female finishers per category will be determined and awarded. They will receive a cash prize of PHP5,000 each for the 5+2k category and PHP10,000 each for the 10+4k category

LMR Nominated Pace (Male)
1st hour - 7.5mins/km (covering 8kms)
2nd hour - 6 mins/km (covering 10kms)
3rd hour - 5 mins/km (covering 12kms)
4th hour - 4.5mins/km (covering 12kms)
5th hour - 7.5mins/km (covering 8kms)
6th hour - 6mins/km (covering 10kms)
7th hour - Runner's own pace terminating at the finish line

LWR Nominated Pace (Female)
1st hour - 7.5mins/km (covering 8kms)
2nd hour - 6 mins/km (covering 10kms)
3rd hour - 7.5 mins/km (covering 8kms)
4th hour - 6 mins/km (covering 10kms)
5th hour - 7.5mins/km (covering 8kms)
6th hour - 6mins/km (covering 10kms)
7th hour - Runner's own pace terminating at the finish line

A The Rogin-E Last Man Running category will cover a longer area and distance. It will cover approximately 70km capped at about 7 hours. One lap approximately covers 10km
B For those joining this category, an additional copy of a race result page of a full marathon (42.195km) or a run longer than a 42.195km marathon (held within the last 6 months prior to the Rogin-E event) indicating his/her name as proof OR a certification from a physician indicating fitness to participate in an athletic competition is required
C Check-in time 30 minutes before gun start. Failure to check-in will be disqualified
D All LMR & LWR participants will have two race bibs with identical numbers and must be pinned and place at the front and back of their shirt/singlet
E The ultimate LMR and LWR runner who can sustain the nominated pace in a span of 7 hours of running and the first to arrive at the finish line will be declared as the LMR & LWR winners
F In case no participant reaches the 7thhour, whoever is the last male and female remaining participant will be declared the winner for their respective categories
- There will be distance markers positioned at intervals of 100m around the perimeter of the route to provide the approximate distance covered
- All participants of The Rogin-E Last Man Running category will be handed out with different colored strings each time they finish one (1) hour of running at Rogin-E nominated pace
- All participants must keep up with the current nominated pace per hour of running guided by the Rogin-E pacers. Participants who will be unable to maintain the minimum pace will be swept off the course by roving as well as strategically located (at every 50m along the course) race marshals
G At no time during the run, an LMR/LWR contender will be allowed to stop except for the following cases: for lavatory break, to hydrate at hydration station, carboloading at carboloading station, sponge bath, or to fix running gears. They MUST join the RUNNING GROUP again and maintain the current nominated pace. Any other reason for stopping will subject the LMR/LWR contender for disqualification
H An LMR /LWR participant has the option to withdraw from the run at any time during the 7-hour period. Upon withdrawal, all colored strings given during his/her participation in the run will be collected by the most proximate race marshal
I The organizer and its appointed race officials reserve the right to declare any LMR/LWR contender unfit to continue with the run upon recommendation of the race medical team
J All swept contenders will have to surrender their strings to the designated race marshals once they are taken out of the race
K Portalets will be available along the race course
L At exactly 7 hours after gun start, all race marshals will simultaneously blow their whistles to signal the end of the endurance race. All participants of LMR/LWR who are still in competition will be assisted right away by the most proximate race marshal. His/her race bib number and exact location (from the nearest distance marker) will then be recorded and subsequently submitted to the chief race judge to determine LMR and LWR winners
M The Last Man Running winner will be awarded a trip and an entry to the Great Wall Marathon worth PHP150,000 and the Last Woman Running winner will be awarded PHP20,000 cash

Hydration / Aid Stations
A Water aid stations will be every 2km apart
B Sports drink (if any) will be available every 5km apart
C Carboloading stations will be available after the third hour every 5km apart
D Cold sponges stations will be available after the fifth hour


Hallsy12 said...

Hi Sir,

Just a correction. For the females the pacing is:

Hour Time LWR/Pace/KM Distance
1st 2:00am-3:00am 7.5 mins 8km
2nd 3:00am-4:00am 6 mins 10km
3rd 4:00am-5:00am 7.5 mins 8km
4th 5:00am-6:00am 6 mins 10km
5th 6:00am-7:00am 7.5 mins 8km
6th 7:00am-8:00am 6 mins 10km
7th 8:00am-9:00am *Runners own pace terminating at the finish line

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