Thursday, April 5, 2012

Going Beyond 26.2

Martin (aka Coyote) sent me an SMS asking for the brand of the hydration vest that Jaymie (Bull Runner) used during her run in La Mesa Ecopark. The design was similar to what Peter Kennedy (1st runner up) used when he did his BDM102 this year. I though it was Salomon but her blog revealed that it was Nathan. The product was gender specific. Designed for females. A counterpart was available. Nice!

Long runs are essential especially when building endurance for long distance events. My weekend runs has only taken me 2-3 hours. I just bring some money with me and make the necessary pit stops along the way to hydrate myself. Or I'd sign up for an event and rely with the hydration stations set up. Can't imagine meself getting a hydration pack. I find it bulky, bouncy, and gets in the way

Things changed. I've been having serious chats with my team mates in attempting an ultramarathon. Yes folks! I'm gonna go beyond 26.2 miles and dive into a new frontier. This was mostly inspired by Eugene's BDM102 feat. Since I will be staying a little bit longer on the road to train. Having a hydration vest would be wise. It can come handy as well for local ultramarathons that encourages vehicle support. Carrying a water on your back does make a lot of sense. It can also carry energy gels, protein bars, mobile phone, and my BFG9000. Well, prolly not that last one

Coz of this, it has prompted me to dig deeper into Nathan's race vest lineup. I saw a product that immediately caught my attention - Minimist. Question is, have you seen one locally? If it is then maybe, just maybe, Nathan Philippines would give me a discount for this advert. Keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed.


deemenrunner said...

ayan na ang announcement ng intent to join ultras! naks! sa BDM102 2013 ba rolls and marts lang ang sure?

RunningAtom said...

lol, why bring BFG9000? =D
Salomon Hydration packs are much better Dave =D

(ayan na, Salomon or Nathan?)

Daves said...

@deemen, mukhang rolls at marts ang sigurado sa BDM102 next year. tapos mag-160 pa si eugenator. support mode muna ulit. pero makiki-train na din ako sa kanila, heheheh!

@runningatom, the bfg is for the mangy dogs along the route hahahah! i'm gonna check salomon as well. been getting rave reviews from this brand. price point will decide later on. thanks for the input :)

Anonymous said...

I like the concept of this vest type hydration pack unlike the othr ones that has multiple straps that you hook on your body and seems heavy. And hopefully Nathan will also offer a discount to positive comments/teammate of blogger :p - coyote

Daves said...

@coyote, lets cross our fingers and wish hard ;)

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