Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nike Flyknit Racer - I Want One!

Nike announced several weeks ago (February 21) a new shoe laced with Flyknit technology. There will be two offering, Flyknit Trainer+ (everyday running shoe) which weighs around 7.7 oz and the Flyknit Racer at about 5.6 oz. Both are expected to come out in summer

Flyknit isn't the type that falls under the barefoot shoe category. The sole is thick. Zero ground feel. The heel and toe height ain't neutral. However I still want to give them props for bringing out this beautiful product

If you are moving towards minimalist running, this is a nice transition shoe that provides a nice cushion against the road.  Can't wait to try them out so I can provide a proper review

Here are some videos I grabbed from YouTube. Check 'em out and let me know your thoughts

Nike Innovation Summit

Nike FlyKnit TV Ad

FlyKnit Technology


deemenrunner said...

bibili ako nito pamporma lang! woohoo! team alpha1 official shoes! haha!

Daves said...

maganda talaga ung sapatos. sana kasing lambot nung sole ng lunar series :)

deemenrunner said...

at sana hindi naman sobrang mahal. at sana maraming kulay na available. hehe!

Daves said...

sa kasalukuyan dilaw at asul pa lamang ang nakikita ko. nawa'y madagdagan pa

Anonymous said...

mga sir meron na po ba here in pinas?

Daves said...

@anon, we expect this to come out this month. not sure though if they will start to ship it out here in manila

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