Friday, May 25, 2012

Race Review: Ensure To Endure Run 2012

Here comes another race review - Ensure To Endure Run 2012

Good Points
- Registration Fee (its free!* nuff said)
- Registration (was seamless and registration sites were accessible)
- Singlet (several sizes were available from small to large)
- Race Kit (made available and ready for pick up upon registration)
- FB Page (dedicated portal which contained information about the event)
- Portalet (there were 10 portable toilets in the event area)
- Gun Start (gun start was on-time and early)
- Program Host (did a good job keeping the participants engaged)
- Distance (wouldn't expect anything less from RunRio's sister company)
- Hydration (water was aplenty and very cold)
- Hydration (powerade ion was available as well)
- Hydration (stations was strategically placed along the route)
- Trash Bins (there were 3 bins placed at every water stations)
- Route (kalayaan flyover was included in the 15km category)
- Route (all too familiar and difficult to get lost)
- Kilometer markers (there were distance markers every kilometer)
- Directional Sign (every corner/intersection has one)
- Safety Cones (clearly safety was a priority)
- Road Closure (private and public vehicles weren't a problem)
- Marshals (very helpful and knowledgeable on the race route)
- Loop cords (we received plastic cords at each major turnaround points)
- Time (start/finish line arc had huge clock timers per category)
- Prize (cash prizes were given to the top 3 finishers)
- Prize (special prize was given to the top runner whose age was 50+)
- Loot (a bottle of water, a bottle of powerade, and a box of Ensure)
- Race Results (official race results were available after 48 hours)

Other Comments
- *Product procurement (Ensure products were made available in Riovana)
- Medical Aid (i failed to notice if there was any along the race route)
- Timing (no electronic chip as to defer cost)
- Trash Bins (preferred them placed a bit farther from the water stations)
- Photo (didn't notice photographers along the route)
- Loot bag (would've been nice if there was a bag that came along with the loot)
- Baggage Counter (wasn't able to utilize this facility)

My Thoughts
Deemen and I needed some roadwork. Badly! KL Marathon is coming up and Deemen intends to set a new marathon PR. On the other hand, Milo Manila Elims is just weeks away. Longest category was 15km. We needed twice as much. Idea was to do some pre- and post-run last Sunday

I arrived at the event area 15 minutes before 5AM. We barely had 30 minutes prior our gun start. Went running around BGC and was able to cover nearly 6 kilometers. By the time we are back in the event area, we already missed our designated gun start and it was a few seconds left before the 10km runners were fired off

Since mileage was important, we leisurely run along the route and not minding the time but keeping tabs with my target heart zone. One of the first thing that I noticed was the huge safety cones placed on the road. It was color BLUE! A nice differentiator from a RunRio-organized race. Safety cones are always a good sign

There were at least 2 or 3 marshals on critical areas along the road. Energetically guiding the participants on where to go. Then there's the hydration station. Plenty of cups filled with cold water and Powerade. On top of that there's 3 trash bins allocated for runners to throw their plastic cups

Deemen's weather forecast was spot on. Last Sunday's morning was cloudy. No scorching sun in sight. It was a joy running (and walking) atop Kalayaan flyover and not having to bear the summer heat. A drizzle was welcome but it was already too much to ask

When we were now back in 5th ave, I knew I was already spent. I could no longer hit my target heart rate. Just a few strides I was already hitting 90% and easing up a bit causes my heart to drastically drop 60%. There's not much that I can do but to ditch our post-run. Even if we could still push for more kilometers it would only mean one thing - overtraining. I couldn't afford that

Upon crossing the finish line we just grabbed the goodies and lingered for a few minutes before having our breakfast. I hope to see another edition of Ensure To Endure next year. Keeping my fingers crossed that we see more of this kind of races where simply purchasing their flagship products allows you to register for a fun run


deemenrunner said...

a friend gave me feedback that he almost hit a blue cone because he failed to notice it due to its color while driving to BGC. haha! i guess kaya orange talaga dapat ang traffic cones. :p

Anonymous said...

Sir, what %HR is you training zone? How much time do you stay there during a training session? How many km covered?



Daves said...

hi jen,

ideally, i usually stay at my recommended aerobic zone (70%-77%). it is advised to keep this heart rate for at least 90 minutes coupled with a 10 mins warmup and 10 minutes cooldown. number of kilometers doesn't matter. hth :)

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