Friday, June 1, 2012

Race Review: C5 Half Marathon 2012

Here comes another race review - C5 Half Marathon 2012

Good Points
- Registration (they had at least 3 venues to sign up)
- Site (organizer's site was available for relevant information)
- Singlet (one of the best material)
- Timing (reusable timing chip)
- Stage Area (they learned from last year and moved it at the back)
- Gun Start (they made it 30 mins earlier compared to last year)
- Gun Start (the 21k was released few minutes earlier than the posted time)
- Distance (the 21k route was fairly accurate; Garmin says 21.4km while Soleus says 21.8km)
- Portalet (there were 5 portalets in the event area)
- Hydration (several stations served cold water)
- Hydration (stations was strategically placed along the route)
- Hydration (they offered sports drink)
- Banana (bananas were made available along the route)
- Route (unique and challenging route in Ortigas area)
- Route (fairly straightforward)
- Safety Cones (they've placed several safety pylons along C5)
- Timing mat (a timing mat was available to record our time split)
- Kilometer markers (appreciated the distance markers)
- Photo (ActiveMoments covered the said event)
- Finisher's Medal (one of the reasons why I participated in this event)
- Finisher's Shirt (one of the best material)
- Finisher's Distribution (there were at 2 tents distributing for the early and late registrants)
- Banana (was provided at the finish line)
- Photo Wall (saw huge photo wall placed at the far end of the activity area)

Areas for Improvement
- Race Packet (organizers failed to deliver my race kit)
- Race Bib (no holes for my race bib belt)
- Road Closure (roads leading to the parking lot was closed 20 minutes before gun start)
- Registration fee (i find the price point above than normal)
- Site (it was not updated with details such as route change and delivery update)
- Portalet (no portalets along the race route unlike last year)
- Hydration (water cups ran out on a water station near Pasig)
- Hydration (some stations only served lukewarm water)
- Cups (they've used plastic cups and littered the race route)
- Trash bins (only 2 water stations that had trash bins on them)
- Route (very very disappointed when they shortened it)
- Safety (i got sideswiped TWICE along ortigas ave)
- Safety Cones (they had no safety cones along ortigas ave)
- Banana (they had none on my 2nd loop)
- Timing mat (it was not placed at the turnaround points)
- Loop cord (no cords were given at each turnaround points)
- Marshal (their incompetence made the 15km category short by 3km)
- Finisher's Distribution (very very long line for the 21km runners)
- Banana (by the time i crossed the finish line, none was left)
- Race results (took more than 2 days unlike last year)
- Hydration (a station was mismanaged thus we had to wait for water to be poured)
- Hydration (sports drink was too sweet)
- Finisher's Distribution (very very long queue)

Couldn't Comment/Other Observations
- Medic (didn't notice if there was any)
- Baggage Counter (failed to notice if there was a long queue)
- Beneficiary (couldn't identify who was the beneficiary)
- Ambulance (didn't notice if there was any)
- Sponge (didn't notice if there was any)
- Fire Trucks (none was seen though I personally don't like a shower or get my shoes drenched)
- Post-event activity (did not linger after my run, tents were fewer compared to last year)
- Photo Booth (it seems there was none)

My Thoughts
This event has so many reasons why I participated. Singlet, finishers medal, finisher shirt, and the C5 race route. I also had high expectations from Vince and his team because of their maiden event last year with AXN. Things got worse with this year's offering.

First was the race packet delivery. Participants were supposedly to receive em a week before the event but not all got em. Me included. It was very stressful. I only had 2 hours of sleep because of this mishap. I was forced to pick up my race kit on race day. So what happened to the courier fee I shelled out? No refund?

Come race day, I've spent more than 15 minutes trying to figure out on how to close in on a parking spot near the event area. The traffic enforcers already placed safety cones along Ortigas and other roads leading towards the starting line which barred me from my goal. I was scratching my head in dismay. Some of you may say I should've gotten there earlier. Yeah i guess you are right

First in my agenda was to hunt for my race kit. I looked left and right but couldn't figure out where to go or who to ask. Then I saw this inconspicuously white tent near a Seattle-based coffee chain. Once there I just darted my eyes to any of the personnel and asked for my race kit. They hastily looked for my race number and quickly handed it over

Almost immediately I noticed that the race bib did not have any holes on it. Wasn't expecting that. It seems that they didn't have the time to punch holes. I'm guessing that the race kit production was delayed and got pulled from the provider prematurely (based from the missing holes) which led to a very short time given to the courier to deliver the goods to the participants

Instead of subjecting myself with additional stress, I just got creative. I used the provided safety pins to pierce thru the bib and hooked the other end onto my race belt. Good thing I had a similar experience with Kennon Run last April

Next obstacle was the reusable (looked like disposable to me) timing chip. I was looking forward for the green chip with the elastic band. What I got was a problem on how am I going to place the timing chip on my laceless shoe. I just decided to put on my pocket. With the organizing team seeing this, I was advised that I need to have it below the knee for the sensors to detect it. It seems that the disposable bib-tag is a lot better

A few minutes more then the 15k participants ran off from the starting line. Took my time and slowly walked towards the arc. I was no more than a kilometer away from the starting line when a vehicle almost sideswiped me. They barred runners from getting to the event venue but they'd let vehicles ply along the race route. This was a major letdown. The hefty sum wasn't even an assurance that I will be running safe

The biggest disappointment came when I was on my descent from Ortigas flyover towards Libis. We were to make a u-turn even before reaching the base of the flyover. "What!", I immediately blurted. What happened to the rest of the race route? I've been drooling for several weeks and waiting to run thru the tunnel of boni serrano up until katipunan avenue. Vince and just ruined my dream

The 2nd loop just left a bitter taste in my mouth. Seeing the scattered plastic cups on the road due to the lack of trash bins. Runners drinking on the lid because plastic cups ran out. Waiting for the personnel to finish prepping the powdered sports drinks. Water as warm as the sun. Bananas were nowhere to be found. Roads being opened up to vehicles rather too early

It was no longer fun. I was just thinking of crossing the finish line without get hurt. The bananas that I saw earlier in the event area was nonexistent. A very long queue towards the finishers tent. I guess they didn't learned anything from last year. I did 2 more kilometers. My legs wanted to churn more but my heart was telling me otherwise

In my books, they failed to deliver their promise. Will I run again? I'm gonna skip the next installment and watch on the sidelines. I do hope that Finishline will do a better job next year. Else their credibility will vanish into thin air


Anonymous said...

Grabe naman po ito. This is the same thing happens to me sa Brooks Run Happy last year kaya di na ako sumali this year. Tsk! Tsk! Kala ko pa naman maganda ang outcome ng C5 run buti nalang Nature's Trail Discovery Run ang pinili namin. Sir Dave join kayo leg 2.

deemenrunner said...

punung-puno ng emosyon ang blog entry na to. ramdam ko pa rin ang inis mo. oh well, mukhang di na mauulit ang dating magandang route.

Daves said...

hi pao! saw your blog about it. looked very exciting. when's legg2? i do hope they'll have a shorter distance for a non-trail runner like me :)

Daves said...

noel, hindi kase ako nakapag-milkshake. hahahah!

Ann said...

hindi ka inis, galit ka lang! =)

Anonymous said...

Sir Daves meron po 10K ang shorter distance for non-trail runner.

Daves said...

@ann, hahahah! ang mahal naman kse ng regs fee tapos bitin ung c5 route

Daves said...

@pao, malayo pa din sa akin ung 10km. sana magkaroon ng 3km o 5km =)

QP said...

sir daves, meron po 2k sa leg 2, kaso sprint category. at either uphill or downhill. meron din 5k, mixed short distance. hindi ko alam ano ibig sabihin hehehe

Daves said...

me 5km? woohoo! :)

Jobert said...

maganda lang talaga medal! un lang sir! sayang di ako nakatakbo..

Daves said...

maganda talaga ung medal nila. very unique :)

Anonymous said...

very good post barefootdaves! i hope that runners will follow your lead. to skip disorganized race sequels such as this one.

Daves said...

@anon, thanks! :)

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