Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BFD and Deemen Gets Close To Petronas

As promised, here's the 2nd part of Team Alpha's Malaysian invasion.  Since it has started with a photoblog it is only fitting that we shall continue with another one.  The 1st part in case you missed it
What's cool about this place is that they have Subway, 7-11, and a stall ready-to-eat meals.  Since I'm not a fan of Subway (Deemen is), I grabbed a microwaveable for my breakfast.  Unfortunately it wasn't able to appease the appetite of the hungry dragon inside my tummy.  It was still growling even after the last spoonful
Agenda for the day was to hit Genting Highlands.  We took the monorail in Medan Tuanku station and headed towards KL Sentral.  We arrived there around 9AM and the next available bus for us was 1130AM.  Since we had plenty of time we figured that we can squeeze a quick visit to Petronas Towers
I'd have to say that their train system is just awesome.  It allows anyone to go anywhere with ease.  KLCC station was only several stops away from KL Sentral.  Petronas, here we come!
As soon as we climbed out the train station, this was the view that welcomed us.  "Whoah!", I uttered.  Petronas Tower in its grandeur.  You have to walk towards the right in order to see both towers
When I saw the skybridge, I remembered the movie Entrapment (by Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones)
Here's another shot of the majestic structure
Want to visit the skybridge?  You need to break the piggy bank.  Ticket price is RM80 and service charge costs RM50.  So a trip to the bridge brings us to a whooping RM130.  We just looked the other way
Since we still got time on our hands, Deemen and I decided to check out Suria KLCC.  Turns out that Suria is one of Malaysia's premier shopping center.  We didn't had the chance to check out the entire multi-level mall
This was the reason.  It sent chills down my spine.  We spent the next 35 minutes rummaging the clothes inside.  It was close to 1040AM when we decided to go back to KL Sentral
I saw a KRR on our way to KLCC earlier and dreamt on having some ribs.  I failed to realize that the KRR restaurants here only serve chicken meat.  I settled with a yummy Oriental Chicken which came with 3 side dishes (garlic parsley potato, fresh fruit salad, and rice) and a chocolate muffin.  Yum!

More of day2 (Genting Highlands) on my next blog post


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