Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BFD and Deemen Invades Malaysia

Since I am too lazy to write our adventures (and misadventures) in Kuala Lumpur, here's another photoblog.  Please forgive the images as I was using a camera phone.  No race report/review here.

Initial plan was to take the uber fast KLIAExpress (RM35) in KLIA.  But decided not to and took the Aerobus (nonstop) instead going to KL Sentral.  This is a very cost-effective (RM8) way of going to/from LCCT
KL Sentral.  My initial impression?  I'd have to say the place is quite nice.  I've realized that KL Sentral is somewhat similar to New York's Grand Central where one can get to anywhere from a single place
It was already 7PM and we still had at least an hour left before the race packet collection center closes.  The next logical step was to get on a cab and head towards Merdeka Square
The cab driver wasn't sure where to drop us off.  Good thing there was a small signage.  We just took some pictures in the area and spent the next 10-15 minutes (it was a breeze!) claiming our race packets
Personalized bib.  Size of finishers shirt already indicated.  Singlet was rather big.  Towel for full marathoners only.  Some stuff from the event's sponsors.  Runner's guide filled with advertisement
Mah first meal in KL.  Burger king's double fish and chips.  Yup!  I traveled 1,529 miles just to eat at a fast food chain.  Had no choice.  I was already starving.  T'was the first one we saw while walking towards our hotel. 
Our hotel.  Got Subway in the ground floor.  Near a monorail.  Two shopping malls within the vicinity.  Several fast food chains and a Starbucks.  Thanks SpringtingSwine for the recommendation!
We just placed our bags and went out again.  Plan was to walk our way towards Petronas Twin Towers.  After some hundred meters we learned that we are still 2 kms away.  We walked towards KL Tower instead
Petronas Towers.  Taken this picture to where I've taken the picture above (KL Tower).  You'd immediately get the idea how 'far' we were.  That ends our day 1 in Malaysia.  Day 2 will be posted soon


RunningAtom said...

Lazy pa yan ha, ang haba ng photo captions, hehe :)

Daves said...

hahahah! :P

Anonymous said...


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deemenrunner said...

tama ka! ung KL sentral parang New York Grand Central nga! pareho ding madumi ung pick-up and drop-off ng buses. hahaha!

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