Saturday, July 21, 2012

Race Review: Springboard Run 2012

Here comes another race review - Springboard Run 2012

Good Points
- Registration Fee (price point is quite competitive, P600 for a 10-miler)
- Registration Site (they had 8 sites)
- Beneficiary (the event is for the benefit of Springboard Foundation)
- Race Packet (made available and ready for pick up upon registration)
- Portalet (saw several in the event area)
- Program Host (Bearwin did a good job keeping the participants entertained)
- Hydration (water was very cold ... at the start)
- Route (pretty straightforward)
- Photo (Sigue COrrer covered the event)
- Finishers Medal (given to the 10-miler finishers)
- Finishers Shirt (given to the 10-miler finishers)
- Timing (electronic chip was used)
- Photobooth (i saw one in the event area)

Areas For Improvement
- Registration (took an hour before they figured out the registration process for the team category)
- Singlet (ive seen better and i find the arm holes a bit small)
- Bib (unlike the regular ones i've seen and there were no holes for the safety pins)
- Distance (it was only 14.2kms)
- Portalet (did not see any along the race route)
- Gun Start (late by at least 20 minutes)
- Hydration (placement of water stations was not strategically scattered along the route)
- Hydration (they ran out of cups)
- Hydration (they ran out of water on our 2nd loop)
- Hydration (water was being poured on the cups using a dipper)
- Hydration (we were forced to drink on the container lids)
- Hydration (no sports drink was provided along the 16k route)
- Kilometer markers (nonexistent)
- Trash Bins (nonexistent)
- Loop cords (nonexistent)
- Route (original route wasn't followed)
- Route (it wans't explained that we had to do two loops)
- Marshals (none to guide the runners, it was easy for anyone to cheat)
- Road Closure (roads was opened up to vehicles 90 minutes after gun start)
- Finishers Shirt (they ran out of medium-sized shirts)
- Medical Aid (none was found along the race route)
- Race Results (no official race results til now)

Other Comments
- Baggage Counter (wasn't able to check this facility)
- Banana (would've been nice if they had a banana station)
- Safety Cones (wasn't needed since the road was dedicated to the participants)

My Thoughts
When I learned that there was a team category for the 16km distance, I forced 9 other teammates into signing-up. I thought that it would be nice if there were at least 10 of us in a race. A rare sight. Race day came. Was in the parking lot and had 5 minutes to spare. I was already hungry. The small bowl of oatmeal I had that morning wasn't enough to fill mah tummy. Jesy and Romp arrived at the venue the same time as well. We all walked towards the starting arc. The rest of the guys were already there. Then the first surprise came in. Gun start will be delayed. Boo! I checked a food stall. They were only serving sandwiches. I figured it would be too heavy. On top of that I didn't have any money with me. Sigh. I just walked away

The sun was up already. The 10-milers were now in front of the starting line. Bearwin was then asking the organizers if we are now allowed to run. He asked 'em at least five times. I gave an evil smirk. What kind of organizer who doesn't coordinate with their host/emcee? Deemen had his expectations low. Really low. I should've done the same. My mistake

First water station came in a little bit early. It was weird. Perhaps it was designed that way to cater for the lower distances. And oh, water was being poured to the cups using a dipper. Incredible! Then we saw the next water station. The distance between 'em was too short. My opinion? They should've separated it at least a mile. We were now on our first U-turn. Deemen mentioned that we will be running along Sucat Rd. This is the most interesting part of the race since we will be running along with both private and public vehicles. I was keen on how the organizers would handle it. Then we saw the other runners going up the flyover and not exiting Sucat Rd. Perhaps we needed to cover a few more kilometers before we are led into the treacherous part of the route

After scaling the flyover, we saw a U-turn marker for 16km but saw the rest still pounding the road onwards. No marshals spotted. Right there and then we deduced that it is going to be a loop. Then it started. Water cups went missing. Water were still available. Drinking on the container lids was the only option. The road ended. It was our 2nd turnaround. Again, no loop cords was given. So I can cheat? Not that I was thinking of doing it. But how about those aiming for a podium finish?

Things just got even worst on our second loop. Our teammates were already complaining. No water. Deemen held his bottled water ever so tightly. We filled it up on the next water station. I pity those who were drinking straight from the dipper. Cant bear the scene. Better hydrate than lose consciousness because of thirst. The organizers should've acted swiftly on this matter. Its just sad that they didn't do anything about it.

I know this is the first time that PURE CONCEPT staged a race. But they should've have covered the basics. The organizers placed their participants at risk. Shame on PURE CONCEPT. I hope that they would review their mistakes and make sure they won't commit the same


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