Monday, October 1, 2012

Run BGC 2012

What: Run BGC 2012
When: November 25 2012
Where: Bonifacio Global City

Registration Fee
PHP350 - 500m
PHP600 - 5km (with fun tasks)
PHP700 - 10km
PHP800 - 15km

Registration Site
RIOVANA BGC – Monday to Sunday from 12nn to 9pm
RIOVANA KATIPUNAN (infront of ADMU) – Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM to 8PM
TOBY’S SM Mall of Asia – Monday to Sunday, 12PM to 8PM
TOBY’S Trinoma – Monday to Sunday, 12PM to 8PM

Singlet Design

Assembly Time and Gun Start
15km - 4:30AM - 5:15AM
10km - 5:00AM - 5:25AM
5km - 5:00AM - 5:30AM
500m - 6:00AM - 6:45AM

Race Map / Race Route (please see revised maps HERE)


Anonymous said...

does running builds the entire body abs, chest, legs, etc. etc.? just curious since my coach got a nice body he said running can do that, please enlighten me.

Daves said...

hi anon, in my experience running does give toned legs as it will engage your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quad muscles. couldn't comment about the chest and midsection. like any sport, one has to include exercises such as crunches, pushups, etc. this will help prevent injury and a more stable running form. hope this helps =)

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