Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zoot. Zbound. Kiawe

When I attended Zoot's launch a couple of weeks ago, one of the many stuff that stuck was the technology they use in the footwear - ZBOUND. It is Zoot's own foam. It’s so soft you can drop an egg on it and it’s got such a great responsive feel that the egg bounces right off it. Really cool, eh? Check out the video below

But there's more stuff to like about Zoot especially their philosophy in making their footwear. They want their shoes lightweight. The heaviest they got is under 11 ounces. And they can achieve this because they don't put a lot of unnecessary stuff. One of the latest stuff they are putting out in the market is Ultra Kiawe (6.9oz / 195g)

However what piques my interest the most is the technology they dubbed as Carbon Span+. It supposedly helps the ball of the foot absorb the impact thus minimizes the foot ache we experience while running. Unfortunately I don't have a pair of Kiawe. Perhaps Light'N Up Marketing can help me on this (hint, hint)

Where to get one you ask? It is now available in your favorite store (Planet Sports Rockwell, Planet Sports Alabang Town Center, Planet Sports Trinoma, Planet Sports Shangrila, Second Wind Ortigas, The Brick McKinley, Riovana BGC)


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