Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meowth Goes Minimal

Taking the path of minimalism isn't for everyone. I learned that when I get the chance to talk to people who tried barefoot/barefoot-style running but ended up injured or simply doesn't see any benefit from doing so. Besides getting the 'look' when participating in fun runs

When Meowth tried Saucony's A5, she immediately fell in love with it. Running in clunky shoes for 3 years made her appreciate how light barefoot/minimal shoes are. In addition, going for thinner soles doesn't intervene with her running form. In fact it has helped her be more cautious of her surroundings. The ground feedback she gets was a good thing

Enough of my observations for some of you may think that I'm biased. Here's an excerpt of her (Saucony A5) shoe review

I want to run, jog, or at least brisk walk until old age. I've always been keen about keeping injuries at bay. Experience taught me the importance of wearing a pair of shoes that is most suited for my feet. My happy feet are classified as neutral with a mild tendency to overpronate.

I was skeptical about minimalist racing shoes since I started running. I thought of it as that type which could injure my feet, and that it was designed for elite athletes only. I'm referring to those (mostly) bright-colored, thin-soled shoes donned by elite runners in last year's London Olympics. Impression.

Oh, but I drooled over those shoes....they are so cool! I couldn't help but think about buying a pair every time I pass by any specialty shops. Tempting. I wonder what 'magic' they bring. Until the thought became frequent...I finally gave in and bought my first pair. It was love at first sight.

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