Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Soleus GPS FIT 1.0

The Soleus GPS FIT has a new highly ventilated strap, simpler 4 button user interface, and much larger numbers on the customizable display viewing area. Simple and easy to use, the Soleus GPS FIT will allow runners to accurately track their Speed, Pace, and Distance. Auto lap splits at every mile and the "always on" night light mode helps for late night (or early morning) runs and training

Our GPS Fit knows exactly where to find the global positioning satellites orbiting miles above the Earth that will help you keep track of your run, walk, hike or bike. You can even personalize your Soleus GPS Fit by inputting your personal data to track calories burned during your workouts. GPS FIT now comes with a data upload cable to take your training to the next level!

Personal Note: Big thanks to Ms Judith Staples and Soleus for being so kind in letting me experience this watch. At the onset, it was able to get a GPS signal in under 2 minutes with rainclouds on my head. Not bad! Is it worth it? I hope that there were able to iron out the kinks from the previous generation.  Watch out for my straight-up review soon


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