Monday, February 24, 2014

Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon 2014

XTERRA Triathlon in Liloan, Cebu will test athletes’ skill once again this 2014. The route will have slight changes, but this year there will be two transition areas. Transition 1(to be announced) will be the starting area for the swim leg and transition to the start of the bike leg. Transition 2 will be in Liloan Elementary School track oval, staging area for the end of the bike leg, start of the run leg and finish line and the expo area

Race Categories and Fees
PHP6,750.00 (USD165.00) Individual FULL - 1500m swim, 35km mtbike ride, 9.2km trail run
PHP9,000.00 (USD215.00) Relay FULL - 1500m swim, 35km mtbike ride, 9.2km trail run
PHP4,500.00 (USD110.00) Individual LITE - 500m swim, 17.5km mtbike ride, 5km trail run
PHO6,750.00 (USD165.00) Relay LITE - 500m swim, 17.5km mtbike ride, 5km trail run

Registration Sites
ROX Bonifacio High Street
ROX Cebu (online)

The race will start at the shores of Liloan. Swimmers will do a 1.5 kilometer of open water swim. For LITE participants, swimmers will do 500 meters straight, one loop course for LITE

Our bike course is a mix of single tracks, fire roads, farmlands, grasslands and paved roads. FULL Tri participants must complete 2 loops of the 18-kilometer bike course while LITE participants must complete one loop. The bike course caters to all types of bikers. Experts will find the course fast and exciting. While beginners will feel it’s challenging. The first portion of the race is a long flat, paved road, perfect for sprinting and securing a place in the pack. Then it’s followed by long climbs while roads change from paved to trail. Trail becomes narrower and racers will encounter mixed vegetation along the course

It has enough single tracks, which challenges any skill level; lots of rolling and steep hills, which test all levels of endurance; fast and quick descents to test handling skills and a few technical portions, which will excite all athletes. The bike course will traverse fire roads and paved roads, crossing different barangays. The terrain of the route changes dramatically from grasslands, forest, jungle terrain and open areas

Our run course is similar to our bike course. Trail is a combination of rolling terrain, single track, fire roads and paved roads. Jungle terrain and grasslands will become a common site for athletes. The Run course is as challenging as the bike course with long technical climbs, followed by dusty and rocky terrain. Participants last year mentioned the run as epic with tough climbs and fast descents

Race Map (LITE)

Race Map (FULL)


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