Monday, March 3, 2014

Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon - Race & Play

Shouting. Screaming. Jumping. Fists in the air. Hands clapping. Those were some of the moments that I witnessed during the IronKids Aquathlon held at the Village Sports Club in Las Pinas. The amount of adrenaline was overflowing not only from the young athletes but from their proud parents. Actually it was the parents and guardian who were more fierce and competitive during the whole event. You can just feel the energy radiating even a mile away. Well that part was exaggerated. Still the fact remained that the parents was beaming with pride seeing their kids crossing the finish line with a smile

I, too, will be jumping and screaming. Perhaps even more when I see my own kid on the lap pool or on his/her last 100 meters. It will be a shining moment for me and my kid. Being able to accomplish a feat especially at this day and age where technology triumphs over the traditional tumbang preso and patintero. Just imagine having the discipline of these kids waking up early for a practice swim or a run all with the aim of achieving an active lifestyle. Now that would be a great bonding experience between parents and their children. I hope to see more and more of this kind of event flourish in our country

Can't wait to witness the next 3 events slated on April (IronKids Triathlon), May (IronKids Aquathlon), and October (Family Triathlon). It is definitely going to be a feast of sorts. Can't wait to see the young athletes swim, bike and run their way towards the finish line. Can't wait to see the parents enthusiastically cheer on to their children. Can't wait to see more participants for the PLAY category. Lastly, can't wait to see familiar faces and fellow bloggers cheering with the same energy as everyone else. Wish to see you there as well. Waking up early is going to be worth it. Minus the scorching sun that is

*RACE division is for those who would like to compete while the PLAY division is for kids who would like to participate


Margot said...

My kids (ages 8 and 10) will start their swimming training this week and hopefully they can join the May (IronKids Aquathlon). I don't mind them joining the Play category as long as they will enjoy it.

Daves said...

@pinaymom, cool! hope to see your kids in action. play category seems to be a good avenue for kids who wants to get a feel of the sport without the pressure :)

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