Monday, March 17, 2014

Reebok ONE Series Apparel Collection

This Spring/Summer 2014, Reebok is introducing its innovative construction system, BareMOVE, into its performance apparel range - the Reebok ONE Series. The zoned system is designed to target key areas within the apparel to keep the body cool, free and protected for a more comfortable experience when working out.

Over the past few years, Reebok product teams studied athletes performing functional movements to identify key heat zones, areas of flexibility/stretch and protection needs. These insights helped develop the BareMOVE construction system to address three main components: Movement, Cooling,and Protection. Each element has its own function within the Reebok ONE Series apparel that helps to provide the athlete with full range of motion, breathability and protection against abrasion and the elements.

The Movement zones include ergonomic seam placement to increase reach, stretch and articulation within the apparel. The Cooling zones consist of strategically placed ventilation areas to keep the body cool and dry. Anti-abrasion materials are incorporated into the Protection zones to reduce friction and also help to protect against the wind and sun.

"Our product teams have made it their priority to meet the needs of our athletes and how they train. We've spent that last three years perfecting our products to move the way the body moves. The BareMOVE system optimized the athletes’ range of motion during any training movement, keeping them cool and protected, so they can focus on performing at their highest level"said Chris Froio, Head of Training at Reebok.

In Spring/Summer ’14, the BareMOVE construction system will also be incorporated into the Reebok CrossFit apparel collection Reebok’s CrossFit® apparel range has been developed in partnership with CrossFit & CrossFit athletes since 2011 to ensure that it fulfills the needs of the CrossFit athletes and competitors at the CrossFit Games.

All of Reebok’s training apparel is available at Reebok Stores in Megamall, Trinoma, Festival Mall, Eastwood, Galleria, Gateway and Royal Sporting House Stores.

(image grabbed from runsociety)


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