Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enervon Activ Review (Part 2)

Does Enervon Activ work? I haven't taken any multivitamins for awhile so the timing couldn't get any better. The most effective way, for me, was to consume a capsule right before I sleep. I chose this method because I had other multivitamins before and it was able to bring me up to my feet even with 5-6 hours of sleep. I've set my 7AM alarm and went to bed. Did I wake up? Yes, I did! But didn't had the strength to bring me out of the bed. I was still drowsy. Went back to sleep for 3 more hours. I tell you, bed is evil. To make the test conclusive I had to continue taking Enervon Activ for 8 more days. I was able to wake up at 7AM. It was pretty consistent. There are times that I'd be able to bring myself up even before my alarm goes wild.

Did it magically improve my well-being? Was I able to find the meaning of life? Or perhaps placebo? I am not gonna lie. Most of the time I'd feel sluggish in the morning. Perhaps being tucked under the sheets is way better than the aroma of coffee. Was it a failure? Can't say. Enervon Activ is no magic pill. Though I know a handful swears by it. So what I did was to throw in a twist. I've skipped an evening dose and had one in the morning. My initial experience? Seems that my body responded better. I guess my habit of taking one at night is gone forever. Either it was formulated in such a way that one gets to experience its effect or it is how it is. I need more time (and promo pack) to verify the consistency.

When I was training to break the 3:45 barrier, part of my preparation was nutrition. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is especially on long distance races. I wasn't munching whatever my hands can grab on. I became picky with the food that I eat. I gave up soda. I gave up french fries. I gave up chicken skin. I gave up a lot of things. My diet was focused on antioxidants to lower my cholesterol, protein to promote muscle recovery, vitamin K and calcium for my bones, omega-3 to help balance my body's inflammation and a good bowl of greens. Even measuring my liquid intake before, during, and after my runs. And you thought that hydration was simply drinking enough water and keeping your pee as bright as day was enough? There's overhydration. Ginseng and royal jelly could be the missing link in breaking my personal bests. I will get that chance next month

Bottomline no red (or blue) pill can replace hard work. But your hard work will go down the drain if your body doesn't get the nutrients it require. We can all push ourselves as far as we can before it start breaking down. And nutrition is a critical component in achieving your best. Should you take Enervon Activ? I'd say NO if you are into short distances. The nutrients we get from the food that we eat daily should suffice. Similar to drinking an isotonic/electrolyte drink for doing a less than an hour of exercise is a total waste of money. Your body doesn't need it. Don't grab one just because everyone is doing it. Read up and be informed. A big YES if you are doing full and ultramarathons. It is a cost-effective way of getting the nutrients that we need. Can't argue with that.

Doing a full marathon in Run United Philippine Marathon? Lose the junk food and get a promo pack (10 softgels). Like what I insinuated in my last article, not only it will help you complement your nutrition plan, you also get a chance to win an all-expense paid trip and run in Angkor Wat Half Marathon. Not bad, right? Visited Singapore (2010, 2011) and Malaysia (2012) for their annual marathon and there's no greater feeling of being able to represent our motherland and be part of statistics. You get to test your mettle against other nationalities

If your body doesn't respond well enough then go right ahead and ditch it (or give it to me). There is no point in ruining a good race in order to try out something new. And if your tempo runs improved, do leave a note and share the good news.


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