Monday, August 18, 2014

Enervon Activ Review

You may have noticed that I have been under the rock for almost a year. Gained weight. Increased waistline. Barely making 5km practice runs before ravaging my 3000-calorie dessert. Going out for occasional races here and there but nothing consistent. Have not written anything that spawned from my uber imaginative brain (cough, cough) besides the press materials that come my way. Though there were few exceptions but not that many. Now you ask, what magnanimous force would take me out of my cave? Regaining a healthy body? Setting a new marathon PR? Restarting a healthy lifestyle? Missing my good ol' running community? Nope! None of that. I came out of my shell for a writing contest. Heard it right.

My heart pounded at 220kph when I learned that the prize was a shiny, high-def, personal camera. This is no longer a petty writing contest. THIS. IS. WAR! Unfortunately you can't join. Let me be specific. I don't want you to join. Prior to joining you need to traverse the valley of the shadow of death. Jump off from a 50-foot cliff and onto a sea where flesh-eating sharks await. You get the drift. As much as I can I want to cut down my competition. Again. You can't join. You don't want to join. Nuff said. Now before you stop reading and saying your "boos!", let me tell you that this article ain't going to be another lame, kiss-ass, time-wasting hullabaloo like those you will get from the others (I told you this is war).

This review is going to be as witty, honest, and true to the bone as it can get. I know I'm rusty but I'll do my best. The folks from Unilab may end up hating me. They may even disqualify me if they want to. Worst, forever ban me from any Unilab-related events. However as Chris (Everingham of Volcanoes) have said, our readers are our responsibility. I'd say flame suit on!

Let me kick off by saying that the criteria alone is difficult to comply. Making a lot of stuff as cohesive as possible and without losing focus. I even have to throw in the tagline, "Build Stamina with Enervon Activ: Keep Training, Keep Performing!". How am I gonna do that without losing my cool? There! I said it! That's one item off my chest. So let's get things rolling by saying that this review is about one of the latest offering of Unilab - Enervon Activ. If you've been joining Unilab events you are pretty much aware of its existence not unless you are too engrossed of beating your own PB (personal best), or someone elses, that you totally missed out the huge banners and the multivitamins inside the race packet

"Enervon Activ is a supplement formulated to build stamina for sports-active people" according to the flyers.  Common logic will say that Activ will boost your energy (Panax Ginseng, Royal Jelly and B-Complex) and strengthen one's immunity (Antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and Zinc) simply by looking at its ingredients. Not to mention the so-called Mineral Sium 5X (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium) for better muscle control. But does it work? Practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine consider ginseng the "king of herbs". Perhaps for a very good reason. There were studies made that it can help manage blood sugar, combat fatigue, and fight infection. Hold on. You don't need me to tell you about this. You yourself can search for references thru the power of Google. You may also want to check out History Channel's "Appalachian Outlaws" to learn more about the ancient herb

I know what you are thinking. There are other supplements like Rogin-E and Pharmaton that also offer the same stuff - Ginseng and Royal Jelly. Following the spiel of our local TV and radio broadcaster Miguel "Mike" Enriquez, Enervon Activ offers more of the potent ingredients (see the table below). So who is the clear winner? Immuvit! With its whooping 90mg of Ginseng. Problem is, it doesn't offer Royal Jelly. Boo hoo. Unilab's clear-cut advantage is the PRICE per capsule and a generous dose of ginseng and royal jelly. Enervon Activ trumps the other three. Can't believe it meself. Do visit Mercury Drug, Watsons, 7-Eleven, or the nearest "suking tindahan" to confirm my claim. With the savings you get, you can buy yourself a fat and juicy burger every week!

Enervon Activ Rogin-E Pharmaton
Ginseng 50mg 20mg 40mg
Royal Jelly 6mg 5mg 0mg
Vitamin B1 7.5mg 1.5mg 2 mg
Vitamin B2 8.5mg 1.5mg 2 mg
Vitamin B6 10mg 2mg 1 mg
Vitamin A 3000 IU 5000 IU 4000 IU
Vitamin C 100mg 60mg 60mg
Vitamin E 5 IU (4.5mg) 75mg 10mg
Zinc 500 mcg 1mg 1mg

Six million dollar question remains ... does Enervon Activ work? Let me put you on a cliffhanger. The answer to that questions deserves another article. Besides I am already sleepy. Hope I'd still get the chance and that my fingers aren't chopped off by tomorrow. What do you do while you wait? Join their digital promo and get a chance to run a half marathon in Angkor Wat. Simply purchase their promo pack and feed the information needed thru their online form ( Simple, eh? Check out my Saturday (August 16) post for more details


Jessiemar Pedrosa said...

Do Enervon Activ really works bro?

Daves said...

Does it work? Of course! Let me warn you though, it is no magic pill. No amount of vitamins can replace hard work. More appropriate question is, will it work for you? Personally, I tend to mix things up and find the right combination of nutrition and supplement that best works for me. I recommend that you do the same as well.

Anonymous said...

Does enervon activ make you fat?

Daves said...

I do not have any personal experience that Enervon Activ made me fat or heavy. Sugar makes all of us fat. Now that's another topic that I will discuss on my blog.

Anonymous said...

hello, i have a question, if your working in an office, does taking this supplement not suitable to you? just wondering if this supplement are for those sport active person only

Unknown said...

Unlike during my early 30's , taking vitamins is less priority, Now, at the age of 39 i really felt like i have to. All of sudden every afternoon, i feel tired and exhausted irregardless of what i am doing, Have tried different vitamins ( named it) including those expensive ones (multi-level kind), only enervon activ makes the difference, maybe it is just a body-vitamins compatibility sort of things for me, at least it served its purpose on me.

Anonymous said...

It says it has 50mg of ginseng. Does it cure erectile dysfunction?

John Paul said...

which is better in the two??
centrum advance or enervon activ??
want to try the enervon activ..

Daves said...

hey John Paul,

main difference I see is that Enervon gives you Ginseng and Royal Jelly which Centrum Advance does not. Worth a try, if you ask me. Let me know how it go

Unknown said...

Does it work for me a 62 yr. Old man doing nothing but keep on cleaning the haus do it work for me

Daves said...

good day sir! not sure what is your goal to begin with. when you say does it work, what do you mean by it?

Unknown said...

I've been taking enervon activ for the past 4 days. .I'm working in a call center and it does not give me enough energy to sustain. . . It makes me sleepy instead.
I thought it could help but then there's no change

Unknown said...

Can i take enervon activ my work is porter but im heavy

Unknown said...

I work at home (telemarketing). I work 8 hours a day and I find a need to sleep after 3 hours of work in the morning (If I don't I become so sleepy in the afternoon). This is the first day I took enervon activ and so far I don't feel sleepy/sluggard even after working my shift today. I play badminton on weekends (I'll see if it makes a difference in my endurance)

tram said...

Is this product enervon active has a brain enhanser?

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