Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sam Clayton share tips to an active lifestyle

Samantha Clayton, Herbalife’s Senior Director of Fitness Education and one of the world’s fittest mothers, and Chappy Callanta, Herbalife’s Fitness Coach, have shared during the recent Herbalife Asia Pacific Extravaganza 2015 some practical tips to overcome common issues of busy schedules and procrastination in order to kick start a healthy, active lifestyle

Get over your fear of exercise – Many people associate exercise with many negative things like sweating, exhaustion and muscle pain. The best approach is to start slow. By following a progressive approach to getting active, most will start to associate fitness with improved body composition, body confidence and feeling great.
Make it fun – When you decide that you want to start leading an active lifestyle, make sure that you choose activities that you find fun. Inviting your friends or loved ones to join the activities can make working out fun and help motivate you. This will keep you coming back for more.
Make it a habit - The amount of exercise each person needs varies but as a general guideline, in order for you to reap the simple health benefits associated with physical activity, you should aim to be active for at least 30 minutes on five days of each week.
Choose the right nutrition - Nutrition also plays a critical role leading an active lifestyle. There is a true connection between the nutrition you consume, your activity level and your overall health. A good balance would be 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
Find a class or program - Sometimes it’s easier to stay consistent and on track when you have a structure – this can mean joining a class or group activity. At Herbalife, we have created the active Body Fit workout program – a series of exercise videos that provide repetition, gradual progression and periods of rest. You can visit these videos anytime online at

Whether you have five, or ten minutes, Samantha and Chappy advocate that you can kick start a healthy active lifestyle easily, with just small and simple changes to your daily lifestyle routine. Samantha and Chappy also demonstrated the following exercises, which you can complete in five or ten minutes, to keep your muscles active and in shape with little space:

Plank Walk Out: Take it down to the floor with a plank walk out – hinge at the hips then bend forward and walk out into plank and simply walk back up. Get down again, holding in plank – loosen off holding one knee to the elbows. Lift to the other side and come back up.
Opposite Leg Lifts: Come down onto the floor on all fours and make sure your shoulders are directly over your wrists, and your knees are directly under the hips. You want a nice flat back and all you are going to do is simply lift one leg and lift one arm up.
Tricep Dip: Place your feet shoulder distance apart – heels on the floor, hands behind. Lift your booty up off the floor and do a simple tricep dip by pushing the arms back. You can also do tricep dips on a workout bench, but if you are out and about, this is a great one to do because you don’t need any equipment.

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