Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7-Eleven Skyway Marathon Review

Run 2017 promises to be bigger and more exciting, featuring the same categories as last year’s race. Just like last year, Skyway and Filinvest City will be an event venue partner for the 42KM, 21KM, 10KM, 16KM, 10KM, 10KM Buddy, 5KM, 3KM and 500 Meter (Kids run)
A lazy race review of the recently concluded 7-Eleven Skyway Marathon.

Excellent points..
Registration Fee. A tad cheaper than Condura Marathon. A full marathon will set you back at $31 versus Condura's $41.
Registration Sites. Pretty convenient. Reserve a spot using their website and pay on any 7-11 branch near you.
Hydration Station. Good job in this area. Plenty of water and sports drink along the course. Pineapple juice was available as well.
Portalet. Plenty! Couldn't ask for more. If there's only one gripe, it will be the missing portalets after the 15km mark
Loot. Some would call it swag. You'd be bringing home a box full of goodies if you have the patience lining up in the finisher's village.

Race Route. It was supposedly a carbon copy of Condura's but changed at the last minute without prior notice.
Banana Station. I would've wanted more of this. Running on empty for several hours isn't a good sign. Bananas are cheap! Get more!
Last 2KM Mark. The person who placed that marker should be killed by the firing squad. It was FOUR kiometers away from the finish line.
Finishers Medal. Cheap material. Rather small. I guess you get what you pay for. Love love love Condura's medal.
Finisher's Shirt. So many things going on. Less is more. Just say "XXkm Finisher" at the back should suffice
Finish Line Experience. I was expecting a medal will be handed over at the finish line. Neville should know better.
Photographers. Very few of them. As of this writing, no picture of me was found.
Race Results. Can be found here. In a digital world that we live in, not even a partial list is available after 2 days.

My thoughts.
The full marathon crowd was rather thin. Unusually thin. Considering it is a rare opportunity for any athlete to be able to run the stretch of the skyway. I was expecting around two thousand participants. Never happened. Dunno why. Perhaps some folks forgot that the other (skyway) marathon ain't happening this year. Nonetheless, it is not a mediocre event. Unlike what PatCon insinuated in his facebook post. The Concepcion's had at least 8(?) years organizing their event. Comparing it with 7-Eleven would be unfair. Besides, they got RunRio. Believe me when I say I know what a mediocre race looks like. I have been with so many that I lost count. Bottom line, I will run it again next year.


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